WINNER’s spring was warmer than ever before. “REALLY REALLY” was loved by so many people in and out of the country. The confession part of the song that goes “I like you” really worked.

This time, WINNER will sweep you off your feet singing “love me” on an “island”. They are ready to take the charts by storm. WINNER members will not just focus on album promotions but do acting and variety shows as well.

In the morning of August 4, WINNER met with the press right before the release of their single EP ”OUR TWENTY FOR” at the IFC Mall’s CGV Yeouido, Seoul.

Following is the press’ questions and WINNER’s answers.

Q. How do you feel about making a comeback?

HOONY : It was a four-month break. The comeback was earlier than expected.

MINO : It’s rare in YG to make a comeback so soon. I’m sure you’ll love our songs.

Q. This time, your songs are all summer songs.

HOONY : We’ve been telling our fans that we wanted to release an album in the summer. The songs well suits this purpose.

YOON : People loved “REALLY REALLY”. But this time, we wanted to do a summery song. There’s no special reason, but we just wanted to sing a song perfect for the summer season. We’re so happy to be releasing the songs at the right time.

Q. Tell us about “LOVE ME LOVE ME” and “ISLAND”.

YOON : YANG HYUN SUK gave us a lot of ideas when we were making the music and choreography of “LOVE ME LOVE ME”. He even made a cute heart dance move that suits the song perfectly. I think this will be the killing part of the choreography. We worked with an YG producer called BEKA for the first time to make “ISLAND”. We wrote down everything that came into our minds when we think of islands and then wrote the melody.

Q. YOON, HOONY, and MINO participated in making the songs. Why isn’t JINU interested in this?

JINU : I’m not really interested in writing songs. I just like it when they write the songs. They are all good songs and suit our style, and I don’t see the need for me to write songs too. I have other specialties, which I’m sure I’ll be able to show you soon.

Q. “REALLY REALLY” is still loved by many people.

YOON : We didn’t think that it would do so well. We’re just thankful that the song is still high up on the charts. In a way, it’s a big pressure because we have to become a group worthy of such love. We’ll think of it as love to make us do better music. And, we will keep on making good music.

Q. How do you think your new songs will do on the charts?

YOON : Just because our last song did well on the charts, it doesn’t mean that the same thing will happen again. We’re just happy that we can release an album in the summer. Of course we want our songs to do well on the charts, but we don’t want to it to get to us.

Q. Last time you released an album on April 4 and this time it’s August 4, exactly four months after.

YOON : I know it might look as if we’re obsessed with the number 4. It’s not to emphasize that we’re now a four-member group. It’s destiny for us. Purely by chance, we were able to release a new album in four months. YANG HYUN SUK suggested that we should emphasize the number 4. And, we do have a lot of connection with the number 4.

MINO : When I look at the clock, it’s often 4:44. So, that’s why I started to believe this is all destiny.

Q. WINNER’s songs are different from the typical YG-style hip hop songs.

HOONY : We thought we were ugly ducklings at first. People told us that we didn’t fit in. YG is all about hip hop. So when we were trainees, we used to wear hip hop style clothes a lot. But now, we’re trying to find our own color. We’re just happy that we have become successful ugly ducklings.

Q. When was your happiest moment?

YOON :  A lot has happened. I was the happiest when we debuted. The most difficult time for me was our break.

JINU : I’m older than other members. I was also having a hard time during our break. The happiest moment for me was when we made a comeback with “REALLY REALLY”.

MINO : When I was working on making music during our break, I used to think to myself ‘What am I doing making songs by myself?’ I felt depressed. But when fans told us that our music healed them, it made me really happy.

Q. Thanks to MINO on tvN’s New Journey to the West 4, WINNER will be shooting Youth Over Flowers with Na Young Suk.  

MINO : I was so happy when I completed the mission that I video-called the members right away. They were so happy.

YOON : We always wanted to travel together. But MINO was our lucky charm and he won us a trip. I felt so happy.

Q. YOON will be appearing on Shin Won Ho’s new show “감빵생활”.

YOON : I’m so thankful to be in the cast of Shin Won Ho’s new show. I’ve already participated in script reading sessions, and I’ve met with him personally several times. Just like in the High Kick series, he gave me a role that I could do well. All I need to do is bring a part of me that goes well with my character in the show. I’m really working on my acting and studying the script.

MINO : He’s been working out a lot after he got this role. He doesn’t like exercising, but I could see that he’s really working hard.

Q. JINU joined the cast of MBC’s Wizard of Ozi.

JINU : I like being in the center of attention. Wizard of Ozi is about travelling without any money. I’m just thankful to be doing this show because I didn’t get to travel often. I do feel pressured and nervous, but I’m so happy to be doing the show. I love MBC!