CL’s first performances in Japanese “SUMMER SONIC” music festival ended in a great success… “Now preparing for a solo album”


CL electrified the main stages of Japanese rock music festival “SUMMER SONIC 2017” in Tokyo and Osaka. Even though it was her first performance in the festival, CL fasnicated the audience by performing her own hit songs and giving a surprise performance with Black Eyed Peas. As such, CL’s performance in “SUPER SONIC 2017” ended in a great success.

CL presented intense and energetic performances on the main stage of “SUMMER SONIC” festival on the 19 and 20 this month. The main stages of the festival were set up the biggest performances halls in the Northwestern region of Japan, such as Tokyo Marine Stage and Osaka Ocean Stage.

By the time when CL’s performance was beginning, the audience of SUMMER SONIC gathered in front of the stage to enjoy CL’s performances. CL kicked off the performance with her solo debut song “THE BADDEST FEMALE” released in 2013.

CL captivated the audience with her powerful quality performances of the medley of 10 songs including “LIFTED” and “HELLO BITCHES”, her debut songs in the United States.

The atmosphere reached the climax when CL sang 2NE1’s “I’M THE BEST”. CL rounded off her first impressive performances at SUMMER SONIC for 30 minutes.

CL also drew keen attention with her surprise event at SUMMER SONIC: a collaboration performance with world-famous band Black Eyed Peas.

As CL had already presented collaboration performances with the team in the past, many people who visited this year’s SUMMER SONIC looked forward to their collaboration and the anticipation came true. asked CL to join the performance of Black Eyed Peas and the two teams fascinated the audience by singing Black Eyed Peas’ world-famous hit songs including “Where is the love” and “I gotta feeling”.

The collaboration performance of CL and Black Eyed Peas were not announced in advance, so they left all the bigger impression to the audience.

CL who has achieved a great success at a world-famous music festival as a solo artist is now working on her solo album.