BOBBY releases his first solo album… Is it going to trigger another iKON boom?


Group iKON’s BOBBY is soon to come back as a solo artist for the first time. On September 2, YG Entertainment confirmed BOBBY’s solo album release by distributing official press release. YG also unveiled teaser posters for BOBBY’s first solo full album on the company’s official blog.

BOBBY gained recognition from the public for the first time in Mnet’s audition program “WHO IS NEXT: WIN” aired in 2013. In 2014, he stood under a big spotlight by becoming the final winner of Mnet’s “Show Me the Money 3”. BOBBY boasted his remarkable talent in songwriting, rapping, and dancing in the two TV programs, to prove his potential from even before his debut.

Notably, BOBBY created many unforgettable scenes with his flagship groovy rapping in “Show Me the Money”. BOBBY was the first-ever idol trainee who became the winner of the show. The four songs BOBBY sang in the show all topped music charts.

Then, BOBBY made an official debut in September 2015, as the main rapper of idol group iKON and released debut album “NEW KIDS: BEGIN”. In the same year, BOBBY also performed in unit team “MOBB” with WINNER’s SONG MINHO, to draw attention by presenting impressively intense hip-hop music including “HOLUP!”

The reason why BOBBY’s new solo album has all the more special meaning is because it is released in the form of a full album. There has been no case so far for a singer who belongs to an idol group of YG to release a solo full album, except for the members of BIGBANG who is the main pillar of the company. That shows how much trust and confidence YG has in BOBBY.

BOBBY suggested that he will present a new style and image differently from him in iKON so far, in the teaser posters for his new album. In the posters, BOBBY is showing a tender and warm image differently from his energetic style presented so far. YG did its best to reveal BOBBY’s hidden appeals, even hiring a new stylist to give him a whole new hairstyle and makeup.

The news of BOBBY’s new solo album is drawing keen attention, as it is released not long before the comeback of the complete team of iKON and it is the first official project for iKON since iKON’s fandom iKONIC declared boycott of official iKON goods.

The fandom announced that they “decided to boycott all YG goods including DVD ‘iKON SUMMERTIME SEASON2 in BALI’ to be released on August 23” and then explained, “We wrote a 18-page-long complaint and sent it to YG, to officially raise complaints about excessive schedule for iKON, insufficient performances in Korea too less than overseas performances, repeated changes in the plans for their performances in Korea, no management of the artist’s image, no improvement of styling, and so on”.

Then, YG’s CEO YANG HYUN SUK expressed his affection for iKON by saying on his social media account, “Worries for iKON is the most unnecessary worries in the world. Let’s wait until this September and October, the day when we will make happy smile all together”. That must have been a remark regarding BOBBY’s new full album to be released in September.

YG explained in an official announcement, “This situation happened from mutual misunderstanding. iKON released a new single album in May this year and the team is now working on a new album. The members will actively appear in TV shows after their comeback this time”.

As iKON’s fandom has had accumulated dissatisfaction about iKON’s long-time absence from the music scene and insufficient performances in Korea due to concentration on overseas performances, BOBBY’s solo album and the following new album of iKON will bear all the more significant meaning for the fans.

Many people are paying keen attention to what kind of performances and music BOBBY will present in his new solo album, after proving his talent and enhancing his recognition among the public by showing innocent and witty appeals in TV shows including MBC “Living With”. People are also keenly interested in what influence BOBBY’s solo album will give to iKON’s new album.

BOBBY’s first solo full album will be released on September 14.