The title track of BOBBY’s new album is “I Love You”… Both the lyrics and melody written by BOBBY himself


Group iKON’s BOBBY will present a new color and style of music with “I Love You”, the title track of his first solo album.

On September 4, BOBBY’s label YG Entertainment unveiled two teaser posters for “I Love You”, the title track of BOBBY’s new album, on the company’s official blog.

The first poster shows innocent and carefree BOBBY against the backdrop of clear and blue autumn sky. In the second poster, BOBBY is showing shy and warm eye expression as if he is looking at a lover while lying down on the bed. Such images are different from BOBBY on the stage for the performances as iKON and for Mnet’s “Show Me the Money 3”.

Except for “I Love You”, the songs in BOBBY’s new album will have quick and exciting rhythm in new genres different from his songs that have been released so far. BOBBY wrote the lyrics of “I Love You” and the melody was written by BOBBY as well, jointly with YG’s hit-maker Kang Wook-jin and rookie songwriter Diggy.

BOBBY has presented intense and powerful hip-hop music as a member of iKON and unit group MOBB with SONG MINHO, as well as a contestant of “Show Me the Money 3” so far. Now, music fans are paying keen attention to what kind of new appeals BOBBY will display with “I Love You”. BOBBY’s new album will be released on September 14 at 6PM.


SOURCETenAsia via YG Life