Complete Track List of BOBBY’s First Solo Album Revealed, and MINO Features on One of the Tracks


iKON’s BOBBY will release his first solo album, which will consist of ten self-written songs.

At 2 PM on September 9, YG Entertainment announced the complete track list of BOBBY’s first solo album, “LOVE AND FALL”.

BOBBY’s agency posted an image containing the title and credit of all the ten tracks of his solo album. The tracks are “I Love You” and “RUNAWAY”, the title tracks of the album, “다른 세상 사람”, “텐데”, “UP”, “SECRET”, “IN LOVE”, , “FIREWORK”, and “내게 기대”.

Releasing EPs are common practice these days, and so releasing a debut album with ten tracks is definitely unusual. What’s even more unusual is that BOBBY has participated in writing the lyrics and music of all the ten tracks. This shows how much effort he has put into his solo debut album. Also, the unusual titles –“텐데”, “다른 세상 사람”, and “수영해”–pique one’s interest.

The featuring artists are also raising the expectations for the album. The fifth track of the album “UP” features WINNER’s MINO, who did the project hip hop group MOBB with BOBBY. The sixth track “SECRET” also features KATIE and fellow iKON member DK.

This is KATIE’s first official recording after she won the season 4 of K Pop Star in 2015 and got signed onto YG. The track will be a special present for her fans, who have been waiting to listen to her voice for a long time.

BOBBY showed his confidence about his solo album and said, “I hope that people will listen to all the tracks because not only the title tracks but also other songs are great too.” The album is about him and his story, and it will be a chance to fully enjoy BOBBY’s charm as an artist.

Meanwhile, BOBBY’s first solo album “LOVE AND FALL” will be released online at 6 PM on September 14. The album will be released offline in two versions, the “LOVE” and the “FALL” version, and pre-order began on September 8.