WINNER Got Kidnapped, Unaware and Unprepared for “Youth Over Flowers”


Group WINNER has departed to film the tyN variety show’ Youth Over Flowers with WINNER”, a spin-off of “New Journey to the West”.

On the 11th, a tvN representative stated, “WINNER left the country very early this morning through Incheon International Airport and they are currently still flying to the destination.” Last night,WINNER members were told that they had a schedule to film a commercial. But it was actually a filming for the show. People who have seen the 4 members of WINNER at ICN posted photos of them wearing striped outfits that look similar to prison uniforms on SNS.

WINNER’s appearance on “Youth Over Flowers” was determined on “New Journey to the West“. During the broadcasting of “New Journey to the West 4”. the cast members were able to have the production crew grant their wishes thanks to the “Song-karak” (Song Finger) incident. Song Mino asked the production crew to have him and his group members in WINNER on “Youth Over Flowers”. The project started out as a joke but the production crew promised to grant his wish.

Previous casts of “Youth Over Flowers” left the country without prior notice of the trip and without their luggage. WINNER members, who knew that they were going to film for the show eventually only wore fashionable clothing and carried around emergency bags for some time.

Due to this, Producer Shin Hyojung, who directed “New Journey to the West 4”, stated in an interview in September, “We are at loss of what to do because it has been revealed on broadcast that WINNER will be on YOF. We are constantly having meetings on how to do the hidden camera but there seems to be no answers. If anyone knows a way. we would like them to contact us. We want to ask the fans to act like they don’t know anything even if they see us somewhere.”

“New Journey to the West Spin-Off, Youth Over Flowers with WINNER” is planning to be broadcast towards the end of the year.