JYP Joins Mix Nine as a Judge and Deliberates on YG Trainees


JYP is to participate in JTBC’s Mix Nine as a judge.

A video that reveals the second judge of Mix Nine was released on October 16. On October 11, it has been announced that Zion.T will be a judge of the show, and now it seems like JYP will be a judge on the show too and help young boys and girls realize their dreams.

The video features JYP judging YG trainees. The trainees were surprised when JYP appeared as a judge, and JYP remarked, “You can’t expect to pass just because the show is made by YG”, and put the trainees as well as YANG HYUN SUK on the edge.

YANG HYUN SUK and SEUNGRI watched with great interest the trainees at the audition and JYP judging them. After seeing the trainees dance, sing and rap, JYP said, “To be frank, there’s nothing special”. There was definitely tension between JYP judging YG trainees and YANG HYUN SUK, which made the video more interesting.

Mix Nine is a reality competition program in which YG Entertainment head YANG HYUN SUK visits entertainment agencies across the nation in search for new stars. The first episode of Mix Nine will air at 4:50 PM on October 29. Trainees will have to go through fierce competition regardless of their gender, and for the final round, two teams each consisting of nine boys and nine girls will compete. The winning team will be given the chance to debut as a group.

Mix Nine is produced by Han Dong Chul, the producer of Produce 101, Show Me The Money, and Unpretty Rapstar. YG artists and producers will be appearing on the show, and No Hong Chul is going to be the host of the show.

About 400 trainees from 70 entertainment companies have decided to come on the show, and they are about to start a journey towards achieving their dream of debuting. Mix Nine will not only show the fierce competition among the trainees but also the stories they have to tell.