YANG HYUN SUK and Zion. T Did a 17-hour long Shoot for Mix Nine


A photo featuring YG head YANG HYUN SUK and Zion.T was revealed, raising the expectations for the show Mix Nine.

On October 15, YANG HYUN SUK posted a picture on his social media page and commented, “My first selfie with Zion.T. My first meal with Zion.T and we had burgers. I’m so sad I wasn’t able to make it to his first concert. We’d been shooting Mix Nine yesterday for 17 hours from 10 to 5, but they are still not giving us any food. Mix Nine is to air on October 29, and I’ll be visiting 60 entertainment agencies.”

In the picture, YANG HYUN SUK is with Zion.T and he has a bright smile on his face. They will be appearing as judges on JTBC’s new variety show Mix Nine.

Expectations are running high for Mix Nine as YANG HYUN SUK and Zion.T seem to be excited about the show too even before the show has begun.

Mix Nine is a reality competition program in which YANG HYUN SUK visits 75 entertainment agencies around the nation in search for a new star out of 400 trainees. The first episode will air at 4:50 PM on October 29 on JTBC.


SOURCEIlgan Sports