B.I in ‘iKON PICNIC’ was Surprisingly a Shy Boy… ‘Unexpected Charming Point’


B.I, member of group iKON, expressed his unexpected charming point in ‘iKON PICNIC’.

On November 7, Episode 2 preview of iKON PICNIC was revealed through YG Entertainment’s official blog. The video showed B.I being lonely without a partner, while a new member from ‘Tokyo High School’ appeared.

On the first episode which aired on November 4, there was a novice meeting between ‘YG High School’ students iKON and Japanese students from ‘Tokyo High School’.

At the end of the episode, the students abruptly faced a ‘partner deciding’ mission. BOBBY and B.I being nervous for not yet having a partner raised the tension of viewers, and it was revealed that B.I was the one who didn’t get the final selection.

B.I’s charismatic performances on stage always attract fans. However, in reality, he was a shy boy who couldn’t even look at female students in the eyes. Also, as members testified that B.I has ‘Nervous Facing Girls Symptoms’, his unexpected charming point was displayed.

B.I was lonely, but not for long as a new face appeared to settle his loneliness. Another Tokyo Girl appeared on the show. As a ‘new face’ appeared, the existing members displayed an unusual atmosphere, forecasting a different phase of the show.

‘iKON PICNIC’, directly produced by YG Entertainment is a variety program in which Korean idol group iKON and 7 girls who are Japanese rising stars go on a school trip together to Jeju Island.

The second episode of ‘iKON PICNIC’ will air on November 11 at 12:20 AM KST through JTBC.