HOONY of WINNER “Checked Viewer Ratings for ‘Youth Over Flowers’ Soon as I Woke Up…Feels Good”


HOONY from WINNER shared his story about WINNER’s ‘Youth Over Flowers’.

On November 8, HOONY revealed the behind story of WINNER’s ‘Youth Over Flowers’ through Naver’s V Live Broadcast app.

In the first episode of tvN’s ‘Youth Over Flowers’ which aired on November 7, Producing Director (PD) Na Young-Seok kidnapped members of WINNER who were tricked into thinking they were filming a car commercial.

About being kidnapped by PD Na Young-Seok, HOONY stated, “When I saw PD Na Young-Seok, I wasn’t really sure if it was him. Doesn’t he look like a typical person working at a broadcasting station?” He continued, “At first, I thought he’s another producing director for the commercial but I realized who he was when I saw MINO really surprised. It was rather a shocking moment than a glad moment”, reminiscing his first moment with PD Na Young-Seok.

The first episode of ‘Youth Over Flowers’ had an average viewer rating of 3.4%, and its highest moment rating was 3.9% (Nielsen Korea Paid-platform household, Nationwide), indicating huge popularity. HOONY stated “I checked the viewer ratings as soon as I woke up. I felt really good”.