‘MIXNINE’ YANG HYUN SUK in JYP vs Park Jin Young in YG, Clash of Pride


JTBC ‘MIXNINE’s highlight, YG and JYP Entertainment’s trainee audition will finally unveil.

On November 9, the ‘third agency tour’ filled with strong contestants were revealed through ‘MIXNINE’s official website.

The audition scene in YG Entertainment and YG’s trainees being judged by JYP first appeared on the preview, which gathered attention. People are highly curious about YG’s trainees who have both talent and charm. As JYP Entertainment’s leader Park Jin Young participated as a special judge, people are paying close attention.

Park Jin Young displayed his high expectations stating “YG trainees must be really good”, but then harshly criticized the contestants, raising tension.

A scene in which YG’s producer YANG HYUN SUK visiting JYP’s main building was also revealed.

Furthermore, familiar faces including Woo Jinyoung from Mnet’s ‘Produce 101’ Season 2 and boy-groups that already had their debut will be on the show. Block B Zico’s older brother Woo Taewoon, who is known for participating in ‘Show Me The Money’ also took the audition, foreshowing a hot topic.

The next episode of ‘MIXNINE’ will air at 4:50PM KST on November 12.