WINNER In ‘Youth Over Flowers’ Thought It Was a Car Commercial Film…Na PD’s Ultimate Kidnapping Drama


tvN ‘New Journey to the West’s first spin-off, ‘Youth Over Flowers WINNER’ finally unveiled.

According to a research by Nielson Korea on November 8, ‘Youth Over Flowers WINNER’s first episode viewer ratings including cable, satellite, and IPTV per household averaged 3.4% and its highest moment rating was 3.9%, indicating a smooth start.

On the first episode, the production crew’s efforts to bring members of WINNER to Australia secretively grabbed attention. In ‘Youth Over Flowers WINNER’, which started production due to ‘Song-Ga-Rak’ MINO’s part in ‘New Journey to the West 4’, it was very important that they take WINNER to Australia without them knowing. The production crew’s elaborate plans that reminded viewers of military operations and WINNER trying hard not to get fooled made the audience burst into laughter.

The candid camera prank prepared by the production crew was a fake commercial shooting. The elaborate prank had an advertisement team, stylists, a real-hired CF director, and had the most candid cameras ever. Even YOON’s drama schedule was fake. WINNER who really thought they were shooting an automobile commercial was ultimately kidnapped in the car.

‘Youth Over Flowers WINNER’s destination was Western Australia’s Perth, a city with a beautiful natural environment. A youth trip in which each person should take care of bed and board with 100,000 Won had begun. People are wondering if WINNER, who just had their first luck as they reserved an accommodation with a Korean staff, will be able to enjoy a smooth trip for the remainder of the show.

Meanwhile, ‘Youth Over Flowers WINNER’ airs every Tuesday at 10:50 PM KST on tvN.