ZION. T and LEE MOONSE’s collaborative single ‘Snow’, released on December 4 at 6 PM KST, took the no. 1 spot on 8 major real-time music charts including Melon.

ZION. T who dominated music charts with songs such as ‘Yanghwa BRDG’, ‘Eat’, and ‘The Song’, became the ‘cheat code’ in the K-Pop scene. With the new track ‘Snow’, his winter single released in 6 years, he dominated the charts once again.

ZION. T’s new ballad single ‘Snow’ is a song which people who are currently in love and the people who reminisce on their past love can relate to at the same time.

His partner on this single was LEE MOONSE, and their partnership gathered attention for the generation transcending collaboration. The warm and mellow vocals by the two artists successfully melted the listener’s frozen hearts in the cold winter, and is expected to become a season song that represents every winter.

Meanwhile, ZION. T, who successfully finished a showcase celebrating his release of the new single and a special busking performance, is planning to actively show his presence through various concerts.