Zion T. reveals his face without sunglasses on the long00time running radio show, Cultwo. He fulfilled his promise to take off sunglasses if he places #1 on music charts.

His new single, “Snow” featuring Lee Moon Sae scores first place on music charts. He again made an appearance in the said show on December 7 without his sunglasses where singer Lee Hyun is also a guest.

When Cultwo asked about his promise, Zion.T was embarassed saying, “I’ve done it now,” to which Cultwo remarked, “You look a lot brighter without your glasses.” Zion.T then shared, “It’s because I have my eyes open now. When I wear my sunglasses, the lighting becomes lower so I’m more calm. Truthfully, when I wear sunglasses out in public, I tend to leave my eyes closed.”