On the recent episode of tvN’s “Livin’ the Double Life“, CL speaks about the prejudices people have about her.

She asked her manager, Kim Hae Ri if she is different from what she expected, to which the manager answered, “Very (different)“, she also added, “I had some prejudices (against you)”.

The manager also explained further, “You seem to be a party girl who loves to party and hang out with celebrities but you actually loves to stay at home.”

CL then responded, “If I party at clubs all the time then I can’t have that much fun on stage. I’m like that on stage because I don’t have the chance to go crazy and have fun offstage.”

The manager also talks about what some people think about her as they thought she’s showing off by using English on social media. CL stated, “I’ve never really learned Korean. I took the qualification exam (in Korea) because I believed I need to at least know the basics and since I was going to debut in Korea.”

Dara who is also at the studio revealed, CL is actually more comfortable speaking in English.

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