Yang Hyun Suk finally fulfilled his promise to the fans for an iKON comeback this year!

On January 12, the official YG Life uploaded the official teaser for “SECOND ALBUM: RETURN” bearing the comeback date of the group set on January 25, 2018.

He once answered fans’ questions regarding their hopes for the groups return to Korea and the music scene with a longer promotion period.

On the cropped teaser images he uploaded recently on his SNS, he wrote the tags, “iKON,” “First up at bat for YG in 2018,” “Second Album: Return,” “January 25, 2018,” “Going all in on domestic promotions,” “Did our best to collect all requests by iKONICs [iKON’s fan club name],” and “Track list filled with happy news.”

After uploading two cropped images of the full image teaser, Yang Hyun Suk officially announces iKON’s return today.

A teaser film for the comeback have also been uploaded recently.

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