iKON confirmed their comeback date on January 25.

On January 12, YG Entertainment revealed the first poster for iKON’s 2nd official album ‘RETURN’ with the official release date through their official blog.

The album ‘RETURN’, which is an album that will be released in 2 years by iKON, has the meaning of looking back into iKON’s first starting point.

iKON was able to make their debut after several attempts from fierce survival programs including ‘WIN: WHO IS NEXT’ in 2013 and ‘MIX & MATCH’ in 2014.

They expressed their initial passion on their dream and purpose they have carried while they were trying to make debut, and their progress through the music on the upcoming album, ‘RETURN’.

Last year, iKON focused on the Japanese Market. As a result, iKON became huge in Japan, becoming the foreign rookie artist group that held a dome tour in the shortest amount of time, and receiving the ‘Best New Artist’ award from ‘Japan Record Awards’ in 7 years since BIGBANG, as a Korean artist. They set a milestone by dominating awards for new artists in Japan and China.

Despite the happy news and achievement from overseas, the fans in Korea were frustrated. It was because iKON did not engage in a lot of promotional activities in Korea.

Officials from YG stated, “We understand the frustration and situation of Korean fans, and as iKON will make comeback as the first runner up from YG in 2018, they will be focusing on Korean fans more than ever”.

On the upcoming comeback, members of iKON stated, “The release of our 2nd official album and our upcoming activities in Korea is like a dream-come-true for us. We hope that our efforts put into making this album will be a great gift for the fans. Please look forward to it!”.

YG’s representative producer YANG HYUN SUK is also giving his full material and emotional support for iKON’s successful comeback.

Recently, he raised the fans’ expectations by revealing a lot of spoilers and stating, “All-in on activities in Korea, variety program appearances and will try to accept most requests from iKONIC (fan club)” on his social media.

People are already excited to see what kind of songs and stage performances they will display, as iKON noticed a broad music spectrum and change on their upcoming 2nd album.

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