Monday, December 18, 2017

K-Netizens Are In Love With BLACKPINK Jisoo’s 4D Personality

K-netizens have fallen in love with BLACKPINK Jisoo's quirky personality!Netizens on Nate Pann noticed Jisoo at the HIGH1 Seoul Music Festival, when cameras panned over...

K-Netizens` Reaction to Sandara Park’s Hidden Camera Prank

Source: Naver TVcast | Translation: 2NE1 Buzz Watch the clip: HERE 

K-Netizens’ Reaction to Infinite Challenge: SONG MINO x HAHA ‘Shoot’ Performance

 Article: Infinite Challenge, SONGMINHOxHAHA Fiercely Opens HistoryXHipHop Concert with 'Shoot (쏘아/sso-ah/)'Xsports via Naver: Link 1. (+2,178 , -88) The song is hella good... 2. (+1,835 , -50)...

K-Netizens’ Reaction: Infinite Challenge – History x Hiphop Released Photos

CHECK: PHOTOS | COMMENTS 1. Wow... Infinity Challenge is really no joke.. 2. Seeing the previews, I'm looking forward to Song Mino and Haha's performance. And they...

BIGBANG Breaks the Charts: K-Netizen Reactions

With the release of BIGBANG's full MADE album, the track songs have risen rapidly to the top of the charts.Two posts on Nate Pann show k-netizen...

K-Netizens React to News of Nam Taehyun’s Health Status

On October 12, YG Entertainment released an announcement concerning WINNER's future activities and Nam Taehyun's health via YG-life.Netizens in Korea have reacted to the news.From Nate Pann:Comments:...