KPOP StarPsy To Appear On ‘Dream High 2’
Singer Psy will make a cameo appearance on KBS2 drama Dream High 2.

Psy will play a training camp drill instructor from the Marines who sets out to whip the Kirin Art School students into shape.

The singer is said to have turned the drama set into a pool of laughter with his comedic acting skills. poker99

Psy’s cameo follows the surprise appearances on Dream High 2 of season one cast members singer IU and actor Kim Soo Hyun. poker 99

The drama is centered on a group of idol stars and idol stars-in-training who attend the same performing arts high school and airs every Monday and Tuesday on KBS.

Dara Thanks Fans For Their 1,000th Day Anniversary

It seems like it was only yesterday that girl group 2NE1 debuted with their hit song, “Fire“. According to member Sandara Park, however, it’s already been 1,000 days!

2NE1′s speedy news correspondent recently updated her me2day with a post thanking all their fans for the congratulatory messages. “Everyone~ Much love and thanks for congratulating 2NE1 on our 1,000 day anniversary since our debut~! Here is a picture of our cute maknaes posing for a photo!!! Hahaha they look like they’re doing an over-the-top apology, but it’s cute right?!?”

Sandara then shared this photo of CL and Minzy goofing around on the set of a photoshoot

2NE1 had debuted in May of 2009 with “Fire”; prior to that, they made their first public appearance through Big Bang‘s hit song, “Lollipop“. The fierce foursome quickly moved on to become one of K-Pop’s greatest acts, scooping up numerous awards from South Korea and abroad.

Congratulations again to 2NE1 for all their past successes! We’re sure they will be many more to come

“KPOP STAR” Taeyang + Gong Minji give one-day lessons… “I used to be bad at singing, too”

Big Bang’s Taeyang and 2NE1’s Gong Minji are coming out as vocal trainers for a one-day lesson.

On the episode airing this coming 11th on SBS ‘Survival Audition – KPOP Star’ (also known as “KPOP Star”), Taeyang and Gong Minji are expected to make an appearance for one day as vocal trainers for YG Entertainment training.

With the two of them suddenly coming into the picture, it it said that the mood of the filming site rose with heat. The two will be training each contestant with a ‘1-on-1 one-point lesson’ strategy, unlike the first round of training they had before.

First, Taeyang will be training the contestants in dance, singing, stage manner, and the general key points with his own demonstrations as he encourages them with detailed advice. He was even able to help each contestant with their flaws, surprising even the staffs of the show.

Gong Minji has also helped train with the singing of the contestants with less confidence in themselves, stating, “I wasn’t really able to sing when I first came into training as well”, giving her own advices from previous experiences.

The ‘KPOP Star’ staff were able to share that “Taeyang and Gong Minji’s lively lessons gave the contestants much encouragement and support” and that “these contestants will surely put these lessons to use when the new ‘battle audition’ and third round training comes up”.

The ‘battle audition’ and third round training will be soon be aired following the new episode on the 11th.

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