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On May 29, YG Entertainment posted a new Big Bang poster on its offical blog, letting fans know that on June 1, 11PM (KST), the Big Bang members will be going live on the Big Bang Countdown Live online streaming event, exclusively on Naver.

Big Bang will be revealing its new project single album Made Series [A] on June 2, 0AM (KST). An hour before the release at 11 PM (KST), Big Bang will participate in the live streaming event, introducing the new album, which includes Bang Bang Bang and We Like 2 Party, and interacting with fans.

The Big Bang Countdown Live will take place on June 1 at 11PM KST.

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GD, T.O.P and YG’s representing producer TEDDY are attracting much attention for being involved in BIGBANG’s upcoming track “BANG BANG BANG” that is to be unveiled on June 1.

On May 28 at 3:30pm YG Entertainment uploaded a poster of “BANG BANG BANG” featuring the members on its official blog ( Filled with powerful red and purple, the members standing around a vintage car attract much attention with their unique hairstyle and fashion sense.

The caption on the poster reads, “LYRICS BY TEDDY, G-DRAGON, T.O.P, COMPOSED BY TEDDY, G-DRAGON, ARRANGED BY TEDDY,” showing that the three were involved in the much-anticipated song.

YG also announced the titles of the new tracks “BANG BANG BANG” and “WE LIKE 2 PARTY,” which is heightening expectations among the fans.

The following album “A” featuring “BANG BANG BANG” and “WE LIKE 2 PARTY” will be sold upon reservation until May 31, and from 12am on June 1 the album will be sold across the country in online shops, and on YG’s E-Shop and offline stores from June 2.

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In the morning of May 24 the quintet’s music video surpassed the number, proving their undying popularity.

The music video that was uploaded on March 6 of 2012 attracted 100 million views last March on the 27, and the number continued to rise. And today it rose to 150 million.

“FASTASTIC BABY,” one of the tracks in BIGBANG’s 5th mini album “ALIVE” boasts a powerful beat and dynamic choreography. It is one of BIGBANG’s biggest hits.

Meanwhile, “LOSER” unveiled on May 1 is also sweeping across all real-time, daily and weekly music charts. On SBS’s Inkigayo to be aired on May 24, BIGBANG aims to seize the 10th trophy.

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With BIGBANG gearing up for the release of their new songs soon, they are climbing back up the rankings, hinting a BIGBANG vs BIGBANG battle.

“LOSER” unveiled on May 1 was ranked back at #1 on South Korea’s largest music site Melon’s real-time chart as of 8am on May 24. It re-occupied the top slot on May 23 and continues to stay in that position.

The track swept across 10 major charts immediately after release and stayed at the top position for nearly 20 days. With the other title track “BAE BAE,” BIGBANG’s two newest tracks are garnering much popularity continuously.

BIGBANG is proving their undying popularity but maintaining the position despite release of songs by other artists. On June 1, a new set of songs will be unveiled again, which will likely to lead to a BIGBANG vs BIGBANG battle.

BIGBANG’s “LOSER” is about a lonely person. With the soft beat and the medium tempo, the song expresses BIGBANG’s colors clearly. It is tranquil but rhythmical, carrying an addictive hook that attracts any listeners. T.O.P and GD wrote the song while TAEYANG composed, and TEDDY was in charge of the overall production.

“LOSER” not only took over the 3 terrestrial channels but also cables like Mnet’s M Countdown and MBC Music’s Show! Champion, collecting 9 trophies altogether.

BIGBANG is setting a new record by climbing back up the rankings and hitting a long run, so all eyes are on the quintet to see how long this phenomenon would last.

Other songs in the top range are Huh Gak and Jun In’s “Town Bar,” Zion. T’s “Eat,” and Urban Zakapa’s “Get.”

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BIGBANG is continuing a stunning record of topping music programs, including Music Bank today.

BIGBANG topped K-Chart with their newest track “LOSER” on KBS2’s Music Bank aired live with the 2 MC’s Park Bo Geom and Irene on May 22. They were in competition with Kim Sung Kyu’s “Kontrol.”

BIGBANG was unable to attend the program due to another schedule but seized the trophy, proving their undying popularity. This is their 9th trophy.

Other artists like BoA, SHINee, Kim Sung Kyu, the Bangtan Boys, EXID, Jeon Hyo Sung, BESTie, My Name, Romeo, Oh My Girl and more appeared on the show to deliver some dynamic performances.

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