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 Fans in Japan were exhilarated by BIGBANG’s appearance with their comeback imminent.

BIGBANG was at Japan’s representing fashion event, “Tokyo Girls Collection 2015 S/S,” dominating the stage with their presence.

The 20th “Tokyo Girls Collection” was held at the National Yoyogi Gymnasium on Feb 28. The biennial event marked its 10thanniversary, celebrating the special day in the largest scale of its history.

After all the brand show was finished, BIGBANG appeared on stage at 9pm. When a giant screen introduced BIGBANG through a video clip, the gymnasium was heated to the maximum.

The five members appeared in fancy outfits, once again proving their incredible fashion sense. They showcased “TONIGHT” and “HANDS UP,” making 33,700 fashionistas exhilarated. They used the 35m long runway freely to perform “BAD BOY.”

Last but not least, “FANTASTIC BABY” was introduced by G-DRAGON’s a capella, and ended up as a fun performance where all the audience stood up to dance along BIGBANG’s song.

The 20th event was the largest in its history, attracting whopping 1,021 media reporters. It was heated up even more by the celebration of 10th anniversary and BIGBANG’s appearance. 

BIGBANG was the first foreign artist in Japan’s history to hold 5 Dome Tour for 2 years in a row. Their 2nd tour from November to January attracted 740,000 fans, and now fans are even more excited as BIGBANG is to have their first comeback in 3 long years soon. 

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“To YG Entertainment, the year of 2015 will be the most important year,” revealed the agency’s chief executive Yang Hyun Suk.

YG Entertainment recently announced that its boy bands BIGBANG, WINNER, and iKON are coming back in the first half of this year. BIGBANG has been tentatively set to come back in April, and WINNER and iKON will release their new albums in order the following months.

According to Yang Hyun Suk’s message conveyed to TV Report recently, YG’s producing teams and all members of BIGBANG WINNER, and iKON are stationed in recording studios to work on finishing touches of their albums. They are not planning to stop until the albums are ready in order to keep the workflow.

Why is it that YG has decided BIGBANG to be the front runner of its 2015 come back lineup? Yang Hyun Suk first apologized to the VIPs, saying, “BIGBANG has not released any new albums for last three years. The fans of BIGBANG awaited for the longest period of time. I would really like to apologize for this.”

Yang Hyun Suk further hinted about the new album, saying, “BIGBANG’s leader G-Dragon is participating in every part of this new album. I’ve listened to its new songs and I have to admit that I was so thrilled. The album will contain various tracks that show BIGBANG’s talents and attractions.”

“This year is going to be the most important one for YG. Maybe it would be more important that the year of 2006, when BIGBANG first debuted. WINNER’s 2nd album and iKON’s very first album are also on standby. If BIGBANG starts this year well, the younger artists will be able to follow up. BIGBANG is in charge of this crucial role for YG.”

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According to an exclusive report by TV Report, all the male idol groups under YG EntertainmentBIGBANG, WINNER, and iKON—will be returning to the stage within the first half of the year.

On February 15, CEO Yang Hyun Suk revealed, “BIGBANG’s comeback has been hinted for April. For now, it’s been planned for April. However, if anything, it will be pulled earlier, but it will not be pushed back anymore. Following BIGBANG, their juniors are waiting. I think all three teams will each come out one month apart. You can think of it as the oldest brother coming out first.”

As the YG Entertainment CEO has stated, all of the agency’s boy groups are gearing up to make a comeback before the second half of the year begins. Starting with BIGBANG, WINNER will be releasing a new album, followed by the highly-anticipated debut of iKON.

Yang Hyun Suk continued to explain, “The producing team and the members are giving up their Lunar New Year holiday to prepare the album. BIGBANG, iKON, and WINNER are all voluntarily staying in the recording studio. They’re working [on their albums] non-stop because they don’t want their flow to be cut off. They have already done a lot of work until now so a comeback in the first half of the year is very possible.”

When asked why BIGBANG is first in the comeback lineup, the CEO answered, “BIGBANG has not released a new album for the past three years. BIGBANG fans have waited the longest. I feel the most sorry to the fans for that. They’re currently in the middle of creating [the new album], but when I hear BIGBANG’s music, I get excited. Like meeting someone after a long time, BIGBANG’s music gives off that kind of feel. Songs that can combine BIGBANG’s distinct energy and charm will be included in the album. The songs change depending on who sings it. I came to learn that the artist may be more important than the song through BIGBANG.”

Finally, Yang Hyun Suk provided an update on the BIGBANG members’ recent whereabouts: “Once again, leader G-Dragon is taking part in at least half of BIGBANG’s album. The members are all discussing and currently working [on the album]. They are all living at the recording studio every single day.”

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According to a spokesperson of YG Entertainment, the members of BIGBANG and iKON are giving up their holidays in order to work on their albums. Yang Hyun Suk, who had been planning to have a vacation in America with his family during Lunar New Year, decided to cancel plane tickets, hotel rooms, and all plans for vacation to help the singers work on their albums.

As Lunar New Year holiday is one of the most important holidays in Korea, many Koreans take a long break in the week of to rest up. However, BIGBANG and iKON members decided to give up their holidays in order to finish the album work.

The spokesperson revealed, “Until they finish up their albums, they won’t take a break.” Because of this, many staff members of YG, including producers and the choreography team, are to work during Lunar New Year holidays.

As revealed earlier, BIGBANG is to come back sometime in April. Meanwhile, iKON’s debut is most likely to happen sometime in spring.

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BIGBANG is receiving a special treatment from China’s DragonTV as the group is to perform eight songs for DragonTV’s “Lunar New Year Special.”

It was reported earlier that BIGBANG would be appearing in “Lunar New Year Special” of DragonTV. Moreover, BIGBANG will take up a big part of the show by filling up the program with eight of their hit songs. Although it was reported earlier that they will sing popular songs such as “Lies” and “Haru Haru,” specific names of other six songs were not revealed yet. One team singing eight songs is rare since most singers or group artists sing two to three songs on the show.

BIGBANG will prerecord their performances, and it will be aired on February 19 at 7:30 p.m.

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On January 26th, BIGBANG’s Taeyang has released exclusive pictures from hisRise concert in Shanghai.

YG Entertainment announced Taeyang’s solo Asian tour for RISE in late December of 2014. So far, the star has gone through his tours in Japan and Korea, having just hit Shanghai on the January 24th. However, Chinese fans are in luck since Taeyang will be having two more concerts on the Chinese mainland. Specifically, Taeyang will hit Guangzhou on January 28th at the Guangzhou Gym No. 2 and Beijing on the 31st at the Beijing Exhibition Hall.

The artist may be nearly halfway through his series of concerts but within the next two months, Taeyang will reach the other countries on his list including Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia.

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BIGBANG’s G-DRAGON attended Chanel’s 2015 S/S Haute Couture Collection Show.

At Paris Grande Palais, Chanel, led by Karl Lagerfeld, held its 2015 S/S Haute Couture Collection Show. GD partook in the event as the representative of Asian celebrity.

This is his attendance two years in a row when he was invited to Chanel 2015 S/S Collection Show last autumn. The two invitations in a row prove he is indeed a global fashionista.

GD showed up wearing Chanel’s 2014/15 Tweed jacket from the Cruise Collection, matching it with a metal brooch. He wore layers of fancy bracelet earrings, along with a leather belt and sunglasses. He stood out even among world-renown trendsetters from all over the globe.

Apart from GD, Chanel’s ambassador Vanessa Paradis, Kristen Stewart and Alice Dellal were also present at the show.

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Boy group BIGBANG’s Japan 5 dome tour “BIGBANG JAPAN DOME TOUR 20142015 ‘X’” that was the first-ever case where a foreign singer held Japan tour for two years in a row, was finished in a great success, on the 18 at Kyocera Dome in Osaka.

The 5 dome tour was held to celebrate the year 2014, the fifth anniversary of BIGBANG’s debut in Japan. The tour began last year on November 15 (Sat.) and 16 (Sun.), to continue in Kyocera Dome in Osaka on November 20 (Thu.) to 23 (Sun.), in Yafuoku Dome in Fukuoka on December 6 (Sat.) and 7 (Sun.), in Sapporo Dome on December 20 (Sat.), in Tokyo Dome on December 25 (Thu.) to 27 (Sat.), and finally in Kyocera Dome in Osaka again on January 16, 2015 (Fri.) this year. The 15 concerts held in five cities attracted total 741,000 fans. Notably, in Kyocera Dome in Osaka, as many as seven concerts were held, which made BIGBANG set a record of the longest period of performing among both Japanese and foreign artists.

What was special about the BIGBANG tour in Japan was that world-famous staff took part in it and high-tech facilities that live up to the fame of BIGBANG’s performance were used to further raise the quality of the performance.

Jamie King, one of the biggest shots in the current music scene, who is called “the master of concert tour”, directly produced the BIGBANG tour. Jamie King has shown a big influence by working for the tour of many top stars including Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Britney Spears, Celine Dion, Ricky Martin, Christina Aguilera, as well as the Circus of the Sun that electrified the world in 2011 to 2013 and “Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL WORLD TOUR” for which Michael Jackson collaborated.

The tour’s stage lighting designer was Roy Bennett who worked for the tour of Lady GaGa, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Paul McCartney, Rihanna, and others. The tour’s video director was “VENENO” who produced the tour video of Madonna, Britney Spears, Celine Dion, Spice Girls, Ricky Martin, and Christina Aguilera.

Other than that, band members led by Gil Smith Ⅱ who has worked for the tour of Eninem, Chris Brown, Lady GaGa, Britney Spears, Lil Wayne, and the big band of the Wide Show, created the perfect sound once again for BIGBANG’s latest tour, after their collaboration with BIGBANG for the group’s first world tour “BIGBANG ALIVE GALAXY TOUR 2012-2013” in 2012 and for “BIGBANG JAPAN DOME TOUR 2013-2014”.

For “BIGBANG JAPAN DOME TOUR 20142015 ‘X’” for which world-class tour staff collaborated, as much as 3 billion Japanese yen was invested for stage production alone. The center stage with 30 meters of diameter and six protruding stages stretched like spokes of the wheel into the seats overwhelmed the audience.

Plus, a huge number of lighting facilities and equipment that does not exist in Japan were imported from different countries. LED screens carried by 10 large trucks, which were installed on the upper part of the stage and the protruding stages, as well as cellular speaker “MLA” developed by British audio company Martin Audio, created the best quality and sound of performance.

More than anything, BIGBANG’s passionate and original performance that electrifies and captivates their fans was the highlight of BIGBANG’s dome tour, which showed the secret of how BIGBANG could hold Japan 5 dome tour for two years in a row. BIGBANG started the tour with “FANTASTIC BABY”, and staged a parade of their hit songs including “TONIGHT”, “HARU HARU”, “GARAGARA GO!!”, “BAD BOY”, “MY HEAVEN”, “Koeo Kikasete”, and GD X TAEYANG’s “GOOD BOY” released in November last year, for three hours. BIGBANG captivated fans by showing an explosive power and singing on the stage.

At the end of the tour, G-DRAGON promised fans to meet again soon with BIGBANG’s new album, saying, “Last year, unfortunately, we could not show you BIGBANG’s new performance that much, but this year, we will come back to you with a new album soon. All the five members will come back with better performances, so that you will be rewarded for your time of waiting for us. I ask for your continuous love and support”.

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Major foreign media outlets including American Billboard, Rolling Stones, FUSE TV, etc. made headlines about the music video of world-famous dubstep DJ Skillex’s song “Dirty Vibe”, in which G-DRAGON and CL appear.

Billboard shed spotlight on the music video of “Dirty Vibe” on the 15 (local time), saying, “G-DRAGON and CL show a powerful look in the video. However, the most outstanding part in this music video is their attitude as artists. G-DRAGON and CL are not just ordinary K-pop stars, and they have just thrown away the norms and rules”, to extol G-DRAGON and CL.

Plus, Billboard drew attention by citing Red Bull’s interview in which Skillex who talked about how he met G-DRAGON and CL while working with Diplo and expressed his affection for the two by saying, “G-DRAGON and CL are the artists who gave me inspirations”.

Not only Billboard but also Rolling Stones, FUSE TV, HYPE TRACK, and other foreign media outlets drew attention by making headlines with the music video, too.

Rolling Stones extolled the music video of “Dirty Vibe”, saying, “G-DRAGON and CL show colorful and surreal appeals in the music video of Skrillex’s ‘Dirty Vibe’”. It went on to say, “The music video produces colorful and fancy scenes filled with ultra-powerful water guns and group dance with the audience, centering around G-DRAGON and CL”.

FUSE TV shed spotlight on G-DRAGON and CL’s fashion and hairstyle by saying, “G-DRAGON is looking so good in a candied hair among beautiful women, and CL is showing fashionable outfit and Mohican hair-do”. At the end of its article, it expressed its expectation for the music video’s high ranking on music charts. HYPE TRACK also extolled the music video, saying, “It truly is a powerful music video filled with energy”.

Meanwhile, the music video of “Dirty Vibe” unveiled on the website of Red Bull on the 16 in the early morning is drawing a big attention with G-DRAGON and CL’s sensuous rapping and their bold visual.

2014. 12. 17.

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BIGBANG member T.O.P (Choi Seung Hyun) covers 2015 January issue of men’s magazine L’officiel Hommes.
T.O.P has recently dyed his hair white, for his character in a new film, to look more chic and self-confident. Plus, he shows a perfect winter look with a basic but sophisticated jacket and knit. He is also giving a free look and feel in a fashionable suit.
T.O.P’s photography was shot in partnership with Italian contemporary brand Allegri, at Imperial Palace Seoul Hotel.

The full photography will be published in the 2015 January issue of L’officiel Hommes. It will be released on December 20.

2014. 12. 16.

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