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YG Entertainment, the agency of Big Bang, has entered into a joint enterprise with game developer Hanbit Soft to create the game where characters will be sporting the same outfits that are worn by the real-life stars.

Audition was originally released in South Korea back in 2004, with mobile versions for the PSP and mobile phones making their debut as early as 2007. It was not stated whether the Big Bang-starringAudition will be available on both platforms.

Aside from the visual appeal of seeing Big Bang come to life as videogame characters in their most iconic fashion, the game will also feature their songs, images and videos.

The game is expected to come out in the latter half of 2015 and will be released overseas, adds KpopHerald.

So far, the popular boy group is the only one confirmed to be starring in the videogame as characters, although YG Entertainment is home to other popular artists such as 2NE1, Psy, Epik High, Lee Hi and Akdong Musician.

The Audition game is likely part of the massive promotions blitz planned for Big Bang in the coming months as the group prepares for their long-awaited comeback.

Big Bang has already released the titles for their two comeback songs — “Loser” and “Bae Bae” — both of which will drop on May 1. The songs are part of their new Made album which will be released on September 1.

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On April 26, after wrapping up the second night of BIGBANG’s comeback concert in Seoul, Yang Hyun Suk met with reporters and touched on various topics in regard to the group’s comeback promotions, as well as their overall plans for the future.

When asked about BIGBANG’s army plans, Yang Hyun Suk revealed, “This concert is not BIGBANG’s last concert. There are many people worrying about BIGBANG going into the army, but they are kids that I have no worries for, even if they leave for their service. T.O.P is currently attending university, so there are no plans to enlist until next year.”

He continued, “Another album will be released this year. The army is definitely something you have to do, but they each have strong abilities as solo artists. Even if one member goes to the army, they are still BIGBANG. Even if two members go to the army, they are still BIGBANG. They will continue to protect their name as BIGBANG and they plan to consistently promote through solo and unit activities. I hope they become a group that grows old with the fans for nine more years…I believe BIGBANG will be forever as long as they make good music.”

On the group returning as a whole after three years, Yang Hyun Suk joked, “What’s there to worry about going to the army for two years?” and added, “BIGBANG’s biggest competitive edge is the impact of their solo activities. There is no need for all of the members to enlist at the same time.”

The YGE CEO also spoke about his love for the team: “I get scolded a lot by fans because I don’t make albums often enough for BIGBANG, but I do think I kept one promise. In our country, boy groups only last about four to five years for the most part. That’s because of the contract duration. I made a promise to make a long-running team because Seo Taiji and Boys didn’t last very long. This year is BIGBANG’s ninth year. I can’t make a promise, but if it were up to me, I would want to be with BIGBANG for the next nine years as well, no matter what I have to do. They are dongsaengs that I really like, artists that I like, and friends that I want to be with.”

Yang Hyun Suk also explained why he chose a project single album method for BIGBANG’s comeback, saying that when the group normally releases an album, only a couple of the songs – including the title track – are heard, while all of the other songs get pushed out of the spotlight. He thought it was a waste for all of their songs to not be listened to properly, and because he believes each and every one of BIGBANG’s new tracks are good, this project release method was a good idea.

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YG Entertainment’s CEO, Yang Hyun Suk, recently shared his thoughts on the differences between groups BIGBANG and EXO, as well as the differences between YG Entertainment and SM Entertainment.

After BIGBANG’s concert on April 26, Yang Hyun Suk met with the press and stated, “There are many articles comparing BIGBANG and EXO. There is actually nothing to compare between the two groups.”

The YGE CEO further explained, “First off, the two group’s directions are different. Their dispositions are also different. Their music color and what they are pursuing are also completely different. The only thing they have in common is that they are boy groups.”

Yang Hyun Suk added, “BIGBANG is a group that has many public-friendly elements. First, their songs are [public-friendly]. On the other hand, EXO has the biggest fandom in Korea.”

The CEO also stated that these differences may be contributed to the two agencies under which the groups are signed: “Although BIGBANG and EXO are the representative groups of YG and SM [respectively], you could see it as the difference in color between each agency. The two groups just need to continue moving forward from their respective positions. I don’t think there needs to be any more comparison or competition [between the two groups].”

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G-Dragon has discussed BIGBANG’s decision to release singles a month at a time for their new album, “Made.”

On April 26, the group kicked off its “BIGBANG 2015 World Tour Made In Seoul” concert series in Seoul. Along with the beginning of the tour, the group is also beginning the release of singles for its comeback project, called “Made Series,” on May 1. The first instalment of the project, entitled “M,” is made up of songs “Loser” and “Bae Bae.”

Beginning with this release, the group will continue to release instalments of two singles on the first of each month until August. These instalments will form the basis of the final “Made” album, which will then be released on September 1. Reminiscent of the style in which BIGBANG’s first album was released nine years ago, the plan for “Made Series” is drawing a lot of attention from fans.

G-Dragon shared his thoughts regarding the “Made Series,” saying, “There are a lot of fans who might not like our plan. We have never once thought of ourselves as better than anyone else. We are lucky to have been able to meet you all, and we are thankful that we have been so blessed and that we have had the opportunity to perform our music. I myself don’t see any reason to like us. It’s not like we’re on TV or anything,” he said.

He then continued, “Because of that, we thought for a long time about if there was a fun gift we could give to our Korean fans. In the end, we decided to release an album where we reveal two songs every month. They are all title tracks,” he explained.

Meanwhile, BIGBANG is set to continue its world tour in Asia, the Americas, and other locales, visiting a total of 15 countries and performing over 70 concerts before year’s end.

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The two title tracks of “M,” the first project of BIGBANG’s comeback project “MADE SERIES” is to be unveiled. The two tracks are “LOSER” and “BAE BAE.”

YG Entertainment uploaded a poster at 9 am on April 25. The five members dressed with class in fancy-pattern jackets and black pants, with the twilight desert in the background are captured in the image. Each of them is fully of class and unique styles.

The poster reads, ” BIGBANG MADE SERIES M” and “ONLINE 2015.05.01 0AM / OFFLINE 2015. 05.01.

BIGBANG announced on April 24 that starting from “M” on May 1st, BIGBANG will be releasing a single 1st of every month for 4 months until August. On September 1, the full “MADE” album will be released, featuring songs from previous singles. Fans are exhilarated by the news.

This news attracts more attention as this is what exactly they did 9 years ago when they made a debut, releasing a single every month.

The title tracks “LOSER” and “BAE BAE” will be unveiled on April 25 and 26 at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Arena. And the music video of “LOSER” will be unveiled as well.

Starting from this Seoul concert, BIGBANG will be travelling across 15 countries to perform 70 times in regions including Asia, Americas and more, to be joined by 1.4 million fans at their World Tour that will last until 2016.

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 BIGBANG to come back as a complete team after three years of absence on May 1 is preparing a surprise. The team suggested their plan for this year by posting a teaser image that showed dates “May, June, July, August, and September 1″on YG blog early this month. People have been speculating that a new song will be released every month on the 1, but BIGBANG has recently completed shooting of a music video, breaking such speculation.

So, when also considering YG head producer YANG HYUN SUK’s good skills in surprising fans, two songs may be released for the comeback of BIGBANG. According to music insiders, BIGBANG recently shot a music video in a set located near Seoul for three days. It is a new video totally different from the trailer video of world tour “MADE”. The “MADE” trailer video surpassed two million views within three days from its release, proving global fans’ keen interest in BIGBANG’s comeback and world tour.

According to the insiders, the music video was directed by director Seo Hyun-Seung who has also directed “FANTASTIC BABY” and “I’M THE BEST”. The director of the location shooting of the new music video was know to be Han Sa-min who shot the music video of G-DRAGON’s “CROOKED”, according to YG. Thus, the recent secret shooting of music video is never for supplementation of the shooting done in the States.

As the interest of fans who have long been waiting for BIGBANG’s comeback as a complete team is reaching its peak, the news of shooting of the new music video is raising fans’s curiosity even further. Plus, BIGBANG has already suggested that the way of their comeback will be very unique and unprecedented, by announcing five dates of every 1 of May to September.

In a video already released, BIGBANG members in neat black suit and sunglasses are showing blockbuster scenes like rushing in a vintage car, gun shooting, and car chase. Those scenes caught the eye of viewers like a blockbuster movie. Furthermore, the background music written by G-DRAGON and composed by KUSH and Seo Won-jin added to the thrill of the trailer video along with its dynamic images.

The trailer video was shot all in the United States for four days, in hot places such as a Hollywood studio, a desert in Lancaster in LA, LA downtown, and Goldstar Inn Residence designed by famous architect John Lauthner in Beverly Hills.

BIGBANG is unveiling their new song in the Seoul concert of their world tour, which will be held on April 25 and 26 at Olympic Gymnastics Hall in Seoul. The tour to continue until 2016 will attract as many as 1.4 million fans around the world, to 70 concerts in 15 countries.

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Big Bang-MadeMore hints on BIGBANG’s big return are coming out after it was revealed that the group filmed their second music video in Seoul, South Korea. 

According to an article by OSEN on April 23rd, BIGBANG discreetly filmed a new music video in Seoul for three days, leading fans to speculate if two new title tracks will be released on May 1st. The said filming is described to be different from their previous shoot for MADE, which was shot entirely in various locations in the United States.

Since releasing their trailer for MADE, BIGBANG announced that they will be revealing one of their new comeback tracks during their concert stops in Seoul before officially releasing it on May 1st. The upcoming tour will kickstart in the country on April 25th and 26th, before heading to multiple stops around the world, confirming one location at a time.




BIGBANG is coming finally. The official date of comeback is May 1, but their new song will be unveiled at the Seoul concert on April 25, which will start their new world tour.

The 2015 BIGBANG world tour begins from Seoul concert on April 25 and 26 to be held at Olympic Gymnastics Hall, then continue throughout the world. BIGBANG held their first world tour in 2012, and that made BIGBANG become a world star by attracting as many as 800,000 fans in 12 countries, which was the highest-ever number for a Korean singer. YG has said that BIGBANG’s new world tour will have 70 concerts in 15 countries not only in Asia and the United States, but also in China and North Europe. The number of audience is expected to reach 1.5 million at maximum.





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Returning as a whole after three years, Big Bang unveiled an epic blockbuster of a teaser video for the upcoming Made world tour.

On April 17, Big Bang dropped a trailer for Made, running over two minutes long with scenes captured in the U.S.

The action-packed tour trailer was created with over 100 talented staff members in the US, including videographer and concert producer Ed Burke, music video prodcuer Jonathan Lia, Fast and the Furious′s camera operator Onofrio Nino Pansini, and more. The shoot took a total of four days.

The song used in the trailer was created by Kush and Seo Won Jin, with lyrics written by G-Dragon.

Big Bang will begin its world tour in Seoul on April 25 and 26.

Watch the BigBang – ‘MADE’ Teaser Video

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BIGBANG is coming finally. The official date of comeback is May 1, but their new song will be unveiled at the Seoul concert on April 25, which will start their new world tour.

BIGBANG’s comeback will literally be “big bang”. As soon as the comeback date of BIGBANG was known, the music scene has been full of excitement.

YG Entertainment unveiled a new teaser image of BIGBANG to come back as a complete team soon, at 10am on the 17 on YG’s official blog YG LIFE. The teaser image is arousing high expectations, showing the title of BIGBANG’s new album “MADE”.

Five BIGBANG members on the street are shown in black-and-white, not exposing the faces, are creating a special mood. “MADE” is the title of the team’s new album and BIGBANG world tour.

The 2015 BIGBANG world tour begins from Seoul concert on April 25 and 26 to be held at Olympic Gymnastics Hall, then continue throughout the world. BIGBANG held their first world tour in 2012, and that made BIGBANG become a world star by attracting as many as 800,000 fans in 12 countries, which was the highest-ever number for a Korean singer. YG has said that BIGBANG’s new world tour will have 70 concerts in 15 countries not only in Asia and the United States, but also in China and North Europe. The number of audience is expected to reach 1.5 million at maximum.

What catches the eyes most is that five different dates, the first of every month from May to September, are suggested for BIGBANG’s comeback. People are speculating that BIGBANG will release a new song on those five dates, one by one every month from May to September. They say that this is a special plan that suits the special comeback of BIGBANG, which is made after 2 years and 10 months of absence. As it has been confirmed that a new song will be unveiled at the Seoul concert of the world tour, May 1 is the date of the beginning of BIGBANG’s comeback.

In fact, realistically, it is not easy for an idol group to release a song every month during a five-month period and continue performances for such a long period of time. Furthermore, the period of idol group’s release of a new album and performances for an album has been getting shorter and shorter. That is why such a special plan of BIGBANG is all the more meaningful. This kind of plan is something possible only for BIGBANG, as the team involves in the entire process of production of their album.

Plus, that will also be a special gift for fans who have long been waiting for BIGBANG’s comeback as a complete team. As BIGBANG will not just give a few performances for the title track of their new album then go, but will release a song every month, they will be able to communicate with fans more actively for an extended period of time.

Since G-DRAGON and TAEYANG have achieved substantial success as solo artists so far, music fans have high expectations for BIGBANG’s new songs. BIGBANG is already a team who always sweeps high rankings on music charts with every song they release, which shows that BIGBANG is not just an idol star but a pop star who appeals to a wider range of general public. So, music fans are paying keen attention to what BIGBANG’s new songs to be released once every month will achieve on music charts, going beyond No.1. As BIGBANG has been working on the new album for a long time, the quality of the music is expected to be the best.

BIGBANG to release a new song once every month, which is an unprecedented plan for an idol group. This special plan is drawing a keen attention as to what kind of influence it will have on the entire music scene.

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