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Superman is Back – Episode 35 (Subbed)


Superman is Back – Episode 34 (Subbed)

show me the money

Producers Tablo, Masta Wu, San E, YDG, Swings, Dok2 & The Quiett Performances...

bobby show me team b

[SPOILER] B.I is Back in the Game on ‘Show Me the Money 3′

show me the money

Show Me the Money – Episode 3 (Subbed/Full)


LYDIA – “EYES, NOSE, LIPS(눈, 코, 입)” Cover Video


Roommate – Episode 12 (Subbed)


Special Collaboration: Taeyang feat. Tablo – “Eyes, Nose, Lips” ...

Credits: YG Entertainment and YG Stans around the world!