Sunday, April 19, 2015
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BIGBANG member T.O.P has won the Visual Culture Award at the 2015 Prudential Eye Award held on January 20 in Singapore.

The Prudential Eye Awards, a partnership between Parallel Contemporary Art, Saatchi Gallery and Prudential, celebrate emerging artists across Asia in a variety of fields, including painting, digital/video, and photography, among others.

T.O.P won the Visual Culture Award at the event for his contributions and interactions with the fine art world. He has shown great interest in fine arts, even incorporating many modern art pieces in his music videos. He has even contributed to the “2015 Prudential Singapore Eye” exhibition as a curator.

T.O.P is also planning on collaborating with world-renowned furniture company Vitra to design a special collection of furniture.

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Actor Kim Young-kwang and girl group 2NE1 member Sandara Park are cast as the main characters of a new Korean-Chinese joint venture web drama.

On the 21st, Kim Young-kwang‘s agency representative revealed, “Kim Young-kwang has been cast in a Korean-Chinese joint project web drama called ‘Dr. Mo Clinic’ (screenwriter Lee Ah Ram, director Kwon Hyuk Chan) where he will be playing the lead make role; filming is set to start at the beginning of February.”

Girl group 2NE1’s Sandara Park was cast as the main female lead to star opposite Kim Young Kwang. This will be her first time to act in a lead role in a drama. Sandara Park will be playing the role of a woman who will form a relationship with Kim Young Kwang, as she goes on her own journey in counseling and therapy.

Dr. Mo Clinic” is a story about love and commitment and how to heal, tracking the journey of two men and women who seek out Kim Young Kwang, who plays the role of a psychiatrist/therapist that specializes in hypnosis treatment.

The drama will show how the memories of pain and love essentially shapes the reality and personality of a person and how they can be used in counseling. It will also show how the therapist would meet a woman, by chance, who came for counseling, and how it would help in healing his own wounds as well.

On the other hand, “Dr. Mo Clinic” will come out in mid-March through simultaneous broadcast in Korea’s Naver TVCast and China’s Youku. Also,with “Secret Garden,” Master’s Sun,” and “A Gentleman’s Dignity” director Kwogn Hyuk Chan, directing this production, expectations are soaring. Kim Young-kwang, meanwhile, was hot topic after his outstanding performance for his role in the recently finished SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama, “Pinocchio,” where he showed off his growth as an actor.

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YG Entertainment’s rookie group WINNER has released a teaser footage for their upcoming DVD ‘Welcoming Collection‘.

In the teaser, you can see a blueprint of a mansion and the motion of a key opening the doors as if to welcome fans into the world of WINNER.

As it was previously reported, the DVDs are to include newly shot footage for the new year and greeting videos from the charming boys, in addition to a behind the scenes look at their album process and promotions from 2014 and their music video making and choreography practice videos.

WINNER’s ‘Welcoming Collection’ will be releasing on January 26, and pre-orders have already begun online through YG eSHOP.

Check out the teaser footage for the DVD above!

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Rumors of BIGBANG’s Taeyang dating actress Min Hyorin have appeared again following recent eyewitness accounts of the two on a date in Seoul.

Speculations of this rumored relationship first began in 2013 when Taeyang met Min Hyorin at the music video shoot for his single “1AM”. Many of Taeyang’s friends, including G-Dragon and rumored girlfriend Kiko Mizuhara (who were recently spotted on a dinner date), recommended her for the role.


Later in December 2013, people claimed they witnessed Taeyang renting out a screening room for an event with Min Hyorin and even claimed they saw the two at Jeju Island on vacation to celebrate the new year.

However, most deemed these claims and speculations as nothing more and the rumor died down until 2014 when more witnesses appeared.

taeyang hyorin 1am
Taeyang and Hyorin – 1AM M/V

Statements stating that they saw the two stars together began to appear more frequently. One such post stated “I saw Taeyang at a restaurant (Il Ho Sik) with Min Hyorin, there was someone else there I think it was Taeyang’s hyung (he looked a bit like Taeyang). The three of them looked very close.”

On that same day, Taeyang posted a picture of his manager on Instagram; the same manager that appeared in the photos released by Dispatch of G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara on their date in Seoul. This is probably the hyung that the eyewitness identified in their comment.

After some research, it was discovered that the restaurant where Taeyang and Min Hyorin were spotted by the netizen was the same restaurant pictured in Taeyang’s Instagram photo (as seen below).


Min Hyorin has also posted suspicious pictures on her Instagram account which were later deleted. At one point, she posted photos of eyes, nose, and lips which was followed by a simple photo of a heart (seen below)

She posted photos of the moon as if calling herself the moon, captioned, “My mind is in the world of the moon” which contrasts Taeyang whose name means sun in Korean.

She also posted a picture of a teddy bear without eyes, nose lips.


The lyrics of “Eyes, Nose, Lips” seem to fit Min Hyorin’s features well since she has a beautiful nose.

Photos of alleged matching couple items have surfaced and include rings and running shoes.

There have been no statements from YG Entertainment though netizens have been buzzing about the rumor. What do you think of the rumors?

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American singer Derrick Bullock will take down a controversial track from all music platforms over a plagiarism dispute with K-pop star Taeyang, YG Entertainment said Saturday.

“Derrick Bullock’s unauthorized use of ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’ was recently brought to our attention. We delivered our strong objection to Bullock and his music distributors regarding the case. Bullock’s song has since been taken down from YouTube and iTunes,” YG Entertainment said.

Bullock was recently accused of plagiarizing the South Korean singer’s award-winning song “Eyes, Nose, Lips.” Bullock’s “Change Me” track came in August last year, about two months after Taeyang’s release of “Eyes, Nose, Lips.”

When the song got embroiled in disputes, Bullock initially denied any wrongdoing, claiming that he had written the piano accompaniment in question four years prior to Taeyang’s release. But he later changed his position as pressure mounted: “Lyrics written by American singer Derrick Bullock. Music used in song belongs to Taeyang, a Korean singer and actor.”

Bullock’s agency reportedly said there was “accidental neglect” in terms of copyright permission, and the U.S. artist was “sorry” for the plagiarism dispute.

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