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Recently, Gaon Charts released the results of the year-end ranking for girl groups in 2014 for the cumulative sales in both digital and physical albums.

The chart was based on the sales starting the first day of January 2014, spanning until the 2nd week of December, taking into consideration the overall sales on digital and physical for releaseses including those for groups, solo singers, collaborative works and OST sales.

This time, Gaon releases the result for male rankings.

male digital
Digital Sales Chart Ranking

The graph above shows the domestic sales of the group for their respective sales on their digital goods.

Big Bang‘s sales turned out to be the highest this year plus sales on the 2nd quarter with the release of Taeyang‘s “RISE” solo album and on the 4th quarter with G-Dragon x Taeyang‘s collobaration on ‘Good Boy‘.

Beast came into second place with their album ‘Good Luck‘, released on the 2nd quarter, but raised their sales more with the help of their 2nd album, ‘Time‘ released by the 4th quarter.

During the 3rd quarted of the year, rookie boy group, WINNER released their ‘2014 S/S‘ album with the title track, ‘empty‘ and ‘Color Ring‘ which became a huge hit instantly, coming out on top of weekly chart rankings.
They came out on third for the digital sales ranking, with only one album to boost.

g.o.d and EXO came in 4th and 5th place, respectively. The full chart ranking can be seen above (as translated).

male phy
Physical Albums Ranking

For the physical albums ranking, EXO came up on top of the list, followed by Super Junior on the second place; Infinite on 3rd place; DBSK on 4th and B1A4 completing the top 5. The full list can be seen on the above photo.

Overall - Physical & Digital Sales
Overall – Physical & Digital Sales

And finally, for the overall and total sales, the graph above is the result using a 50:50 ration with the combined revenues from both physical and digital sales.

This result does not necessarily show which group earned a bigger revenue than the others, noting that some of the albums coming on top of the list maybe sold at a more affordable price than those listed below them. These charts only show the amount of overall sales the groups listed have accumulated by the end of the year. Thus, it is possible that groups below the list may have higher sales in terms of the amount of revenue.

Coming out on the top 5 for the overall sales are:
1. EXO
2. Big Bang
3. Beast
4. Super Junior

EXO occupied on top of the list, earning a total of 86.1 points, higher by 10 points than their female counterpart, SNSD on the girl group ranking.

The second place went to Big Bang owing it to the releases of Taeyang’s solo ‘Rise’ and with G-Dragon’s collab single, ‘Good Boy’.

Beast came out on 3rd place; while Super Junior has multiple releases this year including Kyuhyun’s solo recording, raising their overall ranking on the 4th place.

On 5th place is WINNER with their ‘2014 S/S‘ album. They are the only group on top 5 that released a single album (the others coming out on top with multi-releases) , but still ranked fairly high in the charts.

The overall ranking result can be seen on the translation on above photo.


Source: Gaon

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American MTV IGGY (“MTV”) expressed its high expectations for CL to make debut in the country next year.

MTV shed spotlight on CL on the 26 (local time), posting an article about Asian stars’ overseas debuts, under the title of “2014 Forecast: Asian Pop’s Hardest Hitters”

MTV mentioned YG’s overseas expansion by saying, “Korean music label YG Entertainment plans to operate a physical space called YG Land, which will open in Orange County this June”. Then, its remark “…K-pop’s best shot at breaking into the American music sphere comes from a specific YG artist. CL — of 2NE1…” drew much attention.

MTV mentioned, “Whereas other Asian artists who have gotten attention in the West, including Wang Rong, BABYMETAL, and the biggest of all, Psy, have mostly been viewed as strange Internet sensations eventually brushed aside for a new meme. However, the multi-lingual CL seems set on digging her feet into the country’s scene.” MTV also spotlighted CL’s ambition, talking about her remarks such as “I want to represent Asian women”, that she told Billboard in an interview, and “I want to break that typical Asian female stereotype.”

MTV went on to predict, “This mindset — of wanting to not just stick around but also shake things up -—coupled with CL’s skill as a performer has her poised to be a big deal in 2015, and to be the catalyst to pushing Asian pop music further into the West than it ever has before.”

On the 22 this month, MTV made headlines with an article about five things to know about CL, 2NE1’s leader, before 2015. In the article, MTV extolled CL by calling her “triple threat”. Then, it once again expressed its high expectations for CL’s debut in the American market, in the new article about Asian artists. 

CL is 2NE1’s member and has been establishing influence as a world star recently, by taking part in featuring for will.i.am’s album “#willpower” along with Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, and Miley Cyrus, and also working with world-famous dubstep DJ Skrillex for his song “Dirty Vibe”.  

CL has been under a big spotlight of major foreign media outlets. She has recently signed a contract with SB PROJECTS of Scooter Braun who helped PSY’s success in the United States, to make an official debut in the country next year.  

Source: yg-life

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Winner released the poster, video and ticket information for WWIC 2015 in Seoul.

On December 29, YG Entertainment uploaded the Seoul poster forWWIC 2015 on Winner’s official Facebok, YG’s Twitter and YG’s Facebook.

The released poster shows the models at YG K Plus standing on the side as the Winner members are seen walking out wearing suits. The Winner members are wearing armbands that signify WWIC 2015, looking straight ahead.


The video that was released along with the poster shows the Winner members asking the fans to be with them for WWIC 2015. Song Min Ho revealed the meaning of WWIC 2015 saying, “It will be ‘Worldwide Inner Circle Conference’ for all the Inner Circles around the world,” and Kim Jin Woo said, “It will be the most anticipated and meaningful time for Winner.”

Information on tickets have also been announced along with the poster and the video. The tickets will be sold to the fan club members starting December 30 at 8 p.m. (KST) through Interpark and the second round of ticket sales for regular reservation will begin on January 2 at 8 p.m.

Winner previously released the teaser and video for WWIC 2015 as well as posters for Korea, China and Japan. The Winner members actively participated in planning the event, inputting their ideas on branding and promoting WWIC 2015 and more.

Starting with the Worker’s Gymnasium in Beijing on January 10, Winner will be launching WWIC 2015 in Shanghai Grand Stage on January 17 and Shenzhen Bao’an Gymnasium on January 24. They will then meet the fans in Seoul at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena on January 31.

Source: enewsworld

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When Se7en was dispatched today, YG Entertainment was still at his side.

On December 28 at 9 a.m, Se7en held his discharge ceremony and met reporters at Pochun, Gyeonggi. Despite his expired contract with YG Entertainment, his managers celebrated with him at the ceremony. Not only did they take care of Se7en, but they also coordinated the press conference afterwards.

A representative said, “Se7en currently has no managing agency, so it seems that YG gave a helping hand in managing the ceremony. Though they can’t help him upfront because he is no longer one of their artists, I think they are trying to help him all they can from behind.”

Se7en plans to rest for a while after being discharged. Due to the emotional stress he went through during his scandal last year, it will most likely be a while before he makes his comeback. Many are also interested in whether or not he will resign his contract with YG.

Source (1) via Soompi

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Se7en Officially Discharged, Apologized for Controversies

Se7en (Choi Dong Wook) officially finished his military service on December 28, 2014 at the 8th Division of Pocheon in Gyeoggido.

He was greeted and welcomed by fans and reporters who were awaiting for his formal discharge as a military man. Fans including overseas fans flocked the area for two hours where they held their banners in support for Se7en.

Upon discharge, Se7en faced his guests and gave them his last salute as an enlisted soldier. He said,

“I’d like to thank fans who have supported and cheered me on due to difficult circumstances. I was able to be discharged healthier, thank you. I will work hard every day to repay everyone, thank you very much.”

Se7en was placed in the celebrity public relations department as an active soldier, after initially entering the 306 Reserve in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi-dong on March 19 of last year.

He was initially scheduled to be discharged on December 18, but was given disciplinary action with an added 10-day service on top of his official schedule plus jail time after the accidental visit at a massage parlor one night, and as revealed by the stalking media. Se7en along with Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu and others were looking for a lodging house, and accidentally stepped inside a massage parlor meant for prostitution. Although the group left after learning such fact, the media capitalized over the incident.

In his statement, he apologized for the incident and promised to work hard in the future. He also thanked his fans for the trust they gave him.

Hello. It’s Sergeant Choi Dong Wook. Thank you for coming to see me despite the cold weather. I’m sorry about the disappointment you faced while I was serving, and I’m reflecting on my wrongdoings. I couldn’t say anything because I was enlisted at the time. There are some misunderstandings other than what I did wrong. It was hard, but I think it came to because of my mistakes.

I was at the 8th division for about a year and a half. After the incident, it wasn’t that easy. I was able to see it to the end because of the executives who believed me. I’m going to live diligently every day from now.”

Se7en recently made it into the headlines, days before his official discharge date after the media spotted Park Han-Byul, his ex-girlfriend for 12 years in a date with a co-actor, Jung Eun Woo. The latter and his agency also confirmed the truth about the controversy.

His contract with YG Entertainment is nearing it’s end, however fans are at the edge of their seats, awaiting for its renewal.

Welcome back, Se7en!

Source: (1), (2), (3), (4); Statement Trans via akp

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MBN conducted a survey where artists personally choose the top artists that are best for a specific category.

At the end of each year, many look back on the past year. Whether it be work assessment or financial status evaluation, people look back and contemplate on what happed during the past year and prepare for the next. This goes for media as well. The press publishes reports that summarizes the top events of the year or provides in-depth analysis. In any case, the objective is to make things better next year than this year. The music industry is not an exception. Many records were broken, and numerous incidents and accidents continued in the music industry throughout the year. MBN Star Pop Culture Division looks back on the past 12 months of the music industry through the eyes of singers. 144 singers of 32 groups were asked who the best singer is, what the best song and the best album are, and what they think of their achievements during the past 12 months.

Huh Gak, Orange Caramel, Sunny Hill, Fly to the Sky, BTS, 4Minute, B2St, AOA, CNBlue, Teen Top, M.I.B, Roy Kim, Hello Venus, Jung Joonyoung, Park Boram, Top Dogg, Block B, Lovelyz, A Pink, Sistar, B1A4, Got7, SNSD‘s TaeTiSeo and Shinee‘s Taemin, participated in the survey for “Music Industry in 2014 From Singers’ Perspective”. Girls’ Generation-TTS and Taemin of SHINee joined for the survey on what the singers think of their achievements during the past year./ MBN Star Pop Culture Division

We can’t even count the number of songs released even in one day and the number of new faces. Musicians were asked to pick the best new artist, breakthrough artist, and role model of the year.

Song of the Year

Song of the Year
Song of the Year

Reasons: “They caused a big trend where you could hear the slang ‘Some’ being used everywhere you go”, “The national song of the year”, “They made ‘Some’ into a popular phrase”

1. Some by Soyou and Jung Gi Go – 49 votes
2. Eyes, Nose Lips by Taeyang – 30 votes
3. Wild Flower by Park Hyo Shin – 7 votes
4. Her by Block B – 7 votes
5. Go Crazy by 2PM – 7 votes

Album of the Year

Album of the Year
Reasons: “Everything as well as the side tracks were good”, “It was an album that again made you realize why Taeyang is such an incredible artist”, “The songs of course and the album’s composition was very good”, “It doesn’t even have to be explained”

1. Taeyang “RISE” – 37 votes
2. IU “Flower Bookmark” – 24 votes
3. Epik High “Shoebox” – 14 votes

With one of its tracks “Eyes, Nose, Lips” chosen as the second best song of the year, the album itself was picked as the best album by musicians, winning 37 votes in total. TAEYANG’s “RISE” album, released 4 years after his first one, received favorable reviews from his fellow musicians for his excellent singing skills.

They praised the album commenting, “All the tracks are great.”, “This album shows what a great artist TAEYANG is.”, “Not only the tracks but also the composition was incredible”, and “There is no need for words.”

IU’s “Flower Bookmark” was chosen as the second best album with 24 votes, and the third best album went to EPIK HIGH’s “SHOEBOX” with 14 votes. The albums that received many votes were the albums that got favorable responses for all its tracks.

Role Model of the Year

Artist of the Year
Artist of the Year

Reasons: “I think they’re really awesome for being able to keep their title of “Nation’s group” even after making a comeback after almost 10 years…”, “I was just so moved to be able to listen to G.O.D seniors songs once again”

1. G.O.D – 23 votes
2. Seo Taiji – 10 votes
3. A Pink – 10 votes
4. Sistar – 10 votes
5. B2ST – 10 vote

Many big names in the music industry made a comeback this year, but singers chose God as their role model. God has staged a comeback after a long break inspiring a lot of their fellow artists. God won the most votes with 15.

Those who voted for God said, “I want my group to become an iconic group just like God”, “I want to be loved for long” and “Their music is great, they are all easy to like, watching their performance has a healing effect.”

Seo Taiji, who made a big comeback this year, and G-DRAGON, who formed a unit group with TAEYANG, got 11 votes each, taking the second place. Park Hyo Shin won 10 votes landing at the fourth place, and TAEYANG at the fifth place with 9 votes.

Best New Artist

Best New Artist
Best New Artist

1. WINNER (44 votes)
2. Mamamoo (36 votes)
3. AKMU (16 votes)

Amidst many new singers, those who participated in the survey picked WINNER as the best new artist of the year throwing a total of 44 votes. WINNER released their debut album only in August, but the popularity they have gained through their survival show had their “EMPTY” and “Don’t Flirt” sweep the online music charts. WINNER also received new artist awards at SBS’s GAYODAEJEON and Mnet’s MAMA, proving their great popularity.

Those who were surveyed commented that WINNER was the best artist of the year because “They attracted so much attention that they topped all the online charts as soon as they debuted, and they are all very talented.” and “They were chosen as the best new artist at all the awards this year. Incredible debut.”

Mamamoo, a girl group consisting of highly talented vocals, was chosen as the second best new artist winning 36 votes, and the third best went to AKMU with 16 votes.

Most Improved Group

Most Improved Group
Most Improved Group

1. AOA (20 votes)
2. EXID (19 votes)
3. A Pink (14 votes)
4. BTS (13 votes)
5. Teen Top (12 votes)



1. [+3264, -239]  They’re comparing Some and Wild Flower? ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+3510, -1210]  ㅋㅋㅋㅋAs expected there’s no EXO ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+2963, -1071]  A Pink and BST must have put their votes together since they’re from the same company ㅋㅋㅋㅋ You’re being so obvious CUBE ㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+2180, -294]  And what about IU…….?

5. [+1702, -100] G.O.D, Seo Taiji, and Park Hyo Shin were definitely amazing.  The other idols also promoted well this year and I hope they give us even better music and performances this upcoming year!

6. [+409, -45]  I realized there must be something wrong with these idols’ ears after I saw 2PM’s “Go Crazy” listed for “Best song of the year” ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+301, -41]  They were going about how Girls Day was daebak this year but they weren’t even mentioned ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+341, -83] And EXO who received so many awards isn’t listed here.

9. [+272, -31]  What do you mean 2PM ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. [+299, -51]  Their basis of evaluation seems weird ㅋㅋ

11. [+260, -20]  Akdong Musician was great too

12. [+221, -28] Screw girl groups who lip sync


Source: 1, 2, 3

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 2015YG Entertainment (“YG”) hit multiple home runs this year. Starting from 2NE1-who made a comeback in February-to AKMU, TAEYANG, PSY, WINNER, EPIK HIGH, HI SUHYUN, and GD X TAEYANG, numerous YG artists swept the online music charts and proved their popularity.

Indeed, it was a fabulous year for YG and 2015 will only become more fabulous. Already, big names such as BIGBANG and PSY are ready to stage comebacks, and iKON and a new girl group are waiting to make their debuts. CL of 2NE1 will officially debut in the US, prepped up to become the next world pop star after PSY. WINNER, AKMU, and LEE HI will secure their positions as hot artists in the music scene. YG has so many concerts and performances lined up for 2015 that it is hard to squeeze all of them in a year.

# Beware, the real thing has come back…PSY, BIGBANG

big bang live 1

What fans are looking forward to the most is BIGBANG’s comeback with all 5 of them together. Of course, fans were able to see BIGBANG members from time to time with TAEYANG’s solo, GD X TAEYANG’s unit debut, and T.O.P’s acting. However, it wasn’t enough to quench the fan’s thirst for BIGBANG as a group.

They are together again in 2015. Even though each members of BIGBANG have earned immense popularity in their own areas, they are just going to be BIGBANG again in 2015. No decision has been made on the concept and release date of the comeback album, but BIGBANG is working hard on the album. Expectations are running high.
World star PSY is also preparing a new album to be released in 2015. In his recent concert, PSY announced, “I’ve gone back to the basics to prepare for my next album.” Those working with him commented, “The album is taking longer than expected because PSY wants it to be perfect. It will be released next year.”

# Forces to be reckoned with-WIINNER, AKMU & LEE HI 


AKMU debuted last April with “PLAY”, and WINNER in August with “2014 S/S”. LEE HI formed a unit group with SUHYUN of AKMU releasing “I’m Different”. They are all rising stars ready to sweep the music scene next year.

AKMU is widely loved for their unique talent, seeing the world from their innocent perspectives and incorporating such thoughts into their music. All the songs in their debut album ranked high on the online music charts. Their title song “200%” was on the top of the charts for more than a month. AKMU will surely continue their success next year as “chart killers”.
About topping the charts with one’s debut album, WINNER is not an exception. WINNER’s title song “EMPTY” ranked No.1 in a music chart just five days after their debut. WINNER has a huge fan meeting scheduled for the coming January, and fans will be able to see them all throughout next year.

Although she is young, LEE HI is recognized for her soulful voice and is building up her career step by step just like AKMU. She will be collaborating with various musicians next year and adding her color to the music.

girl group

# Super rookies, iKON & YG’s new girl group, soon to hit the music scene

The long-awaited debut of iKON and YG’s new girl group is happening in 2015. Although they haven’t officially debuted yet, iKON proved how talented they were through Mnet’s show “MIX & MATCH” and has gathered quiet a number of fans in Korea and Japan. B.I and BOBBY won recognition for their music writing and rapping skills by appearing in the show “Show Me the Money 3” and participating in EPIK HIGH’s “Born Fighter”. Fans have high hopes for iKON. They will release their album early next year and debut officially.

Although the final date has not been decided yet, YG is planning to debut another girl group, and it is highly likely that their debut will be next year. KIM JI SOO and KIM JENNY, two of the finalized members of the new girl group, have already become an issue due to their outstanding beauty. KIM JI SOO, in particular, has been featured in the music video of EPIK HIGH’s “SPOILER”. Her pure and innocent appearance and excellent acting skills have sparked attention.

It is highly likely that CL’s US debut scheduled for next year will turn out to be a success. She has signed an agreement with Scooter Braun’s SB PROJECTS, the very agency that helped PSY, to gear up for her debut in the US. The US press in is spotlighting the diva’s debut, heightening the expectations.

Along with its musicians, YG has also posted exponential growth recently. Following Louis Vuitton, a world-class luxury brand, Tencent, China’s largest Internet service portal, is investing in YG. What will YG achieve next year? 2015 will certainly be an exciting year for YG.


2014. 12. 26.  yg life

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There was no brake on YG’s vehicle in 2014. Starting from AKDONG MUSICIAN (AKMU) to TAEYANG, WINNER, EPIK HIGH, HI SUHYUN, and GD X TAEYANG, not only did YG achieve great success but it also enriched the music world. Their genre wasn’t limited to what YG is usually known for—hip-hop—but expanded to sentimental ballad and bubbly, upbeat ones.

First, 2NE1 knocked down 10 real-time charts with the title track “COME BACK HOME” in their 2nd full album “CRUSH.” They could not avoid going against Girls’ Generation’s “Mister Mister,” but 2NE1’s newly released song showed its power by completely dominating charts. 


★TAEYANG’s “EYES, NOSE, LIPS”: True Vocal Power without Choreography
TAEYANG showed off his power as an artist through this song. Releasing his solo full album for the first time in 4 years since “Solar,’ TAEYANG has worked for a long time on this. He was known for his dynamic performances, but he came back with simply a talent of a vocalist. He topped Mnet’s M Countdown immediately after his comeback, and achieved triple crowns on SBS Inkigayo. He was awarded “Song of the Year” at the 2014 MAMA, where his talent as a vocalist was recognized.


★“Monster Rookie” WINNER, Top Idol in the Blink of an Eye

In August their 1st debut album “2014 S/S” was unveiled, with the title track “EMPTY” that topped all real-time, daily and weekly charts. Their debut record was certainly unprecedented, with several songs lined up on charts.

On Aug 17, in just 5 days since they released “2014 S/S” on SBS’s Inkigayo through “EMPTY” and “COLOR RING,” the members topped Mnet’s M Countdown. They broke the record for topping a program in the shortest period of time as newbie artists. The same thing happened the following day on Music Bank. In just a week of their debut they received 3 trophies. At the 2014 MAMA they were awarded “New Artist,” solidifying their presence in the music world.


★EPIK HIGH’s Full Presence, and a Leap Forward
After 11 years of their debut and several slump periods, EPIK HIGH proved once again that they are Korea’s top hip-hop group. “SHOEBOX,” their 8
th full album, topped all charts while “HAPPEN ENDING” and “SPOILER” stood in that position for the longest period of time in history. “BORN HATER,” despite being rated R-19, is still popular. Fans responded enthusiastically to this at their very first concert held in 5 years. The concert tickets sold out as soon as they went on sale, and EPIK HIGH had to add two extra concerts for the much-awaited fans.

gdyb goodboy

★GD X TAEYANG Collabo, Unrivalled

GD and TAEYANG’s debut as a duet was more than enough to satisfy the fans. Met when they were just 13 year olds, the 14 years of being together as YG trainees encouraged the two to work together outside of BIGBANG. The perfect performance of “GOOD BOY” was quite different to that of BIGBANG, and GD X TAEYANG garnered much popularity. America’s Billboard ranked them as #1 for the most-viewed K-Pop video in the world. Without even appearing on TV, they topped Inkigayo, proving their borderless popularity.

Apart from them, soulful vocalist LEE HI and clear-voiced LEE SU HYUN from AKMU formed a duet as HI SUHYUN to showcase perfect harmony. EPIK HIGH’s “HAPPEN ENDING” was featured by YG’s MINZY, LEE HI and LEE SU HYUN, exhibiting some very dynamic collaboration within the agency. A very rich performance was showcased by artists with different colors. YG definitely became the front-runner among the top 3 giants YG, JYP and SM. The music world kept its eye on YG for the whole year.

In 2015, world star PSY’s new track “DADDY” will be unveiled. BIGBANG will be back as a whole while iKON will make a debut. A girl group that is to carry on the reputation of 2NE1 will be unveiled as well. Another year of YG dominance is about to be ushered in.

2014. 12. 24. yg life

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What Were the Most Popular Songs in 2014?

New year 2015 is just around the corner. In 2014, we have seen especially large number of events and people who drew big attention. Now, when the year 2014 is going and the new year 2015 is coming up, let us review what kind of music drew big popularity in NAVER Music!

* The rankings in this page are based on data accumulated from January 2014 to November 30, 2014.



In the year 2014, larger variety of music has enjoyed popularity. “EYES, NOSE, LIPS”, the title track of second full-length album [RISE] of TAEYANG who has established his presence as a solo artist this year, is in the No. 1 in the yearly ranking. “EYES, NOSE, LIPS” was placed in top places on music charts repeatedly after its release, and enjoyed a long run on charts thanks to YG artists’ support to remake the song. Such popularity has not ended yet. “EYES, NOSE, LIPS” is still in the 66thplace on November’s monthly chart, to boast its never-ending popularity. In the second place, there is “Some” (Feat. Lil Boi of Geeks), a song that created sensation in Korea during whole year 2014. The song drew a big popularity by creating a hot buzzword with its lyrics “You seem to be mine, but not, but maybe mine”. “A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness” of San E and Raina who also created a duet sensation is in the third place. Then, IU’s “Your Meaning” and “My Old Story” are in the yearly chart. Sung Si-Kyung is in the chart with his song for the original sound track of drama series “You Who Came from the Stars”, Jung-In and Gary with their collaboration song, Idina Menzel with the song for “Frozen”, and finally AKMU who is popular among not only the teens but also people in their twenties and thirties.



Download ranking looks somewhat similar with the yearly ranking, but still different. IU’s “Your Meaning” that made people in their thirties and forties recollect their old memories and teenagers recognize the charm of old-school songs this year, took the No.1. Soyou & Junggigo’s “Some” is following IU, in the 2nd place, just as it is in the yearly ranking. Lee Sun-Hee’s “You among Them” is standing out in the download ranking, being placed in the third place. Along with Lee Sun-Hee, there are some other singers who boast great influence on download rankings, such as Park Hyo-Sin also known as “God Hyo-Sin”, as well as Kim Dong Ryul who has come back after a long absence.



Singers who release full-length album always draw big attention, because recently, most of new songs are released as single albums. If a full-length album for which an artist puts his or her best efforts in every single song, it would be very meaningful for the artist. To look into what full-length albums have drawn big popularity during this year, YG artists’ albums stand out. Among 10 albums ranked in top 10 on albums ranking, four are YG Entertainment’s albums, to make the year 2014 “YG’s year” (EPIK HIGH, AKMU, TAEYANG, and WINNER”. Along with YG artists, IU’s remake album “Flower Bookmark” that was also in top places on the yearly ranking and download ranking is in the albums ranking, too. Then, Toy and Kim Dong-Ryul who came back after a long absence, Jang Bum-Jun who created sensation with his solo album, and EXO who enjoyed a big popularity this year too, also put their name on the albums ranking.


The year 2014 that has been literally eventful is going away. Now that the new year 2015 is coming, we can’t wait for new music to come in 2015, which will entertain music fans’ ears. Now, try the songs that enjoyed biggest popularity in 2014 and have nice holidays!

Source: yg-life

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best of 2014

The KPOP industry this year is filled with twists and turns, from scandals from big companies to small companies as well. Events like The Sewol tragedy and World Cup affected many especially the plans of various companies to release music and also to an extent, the quality of albums. Therefore we saw a unique trend, which is many good quality albums being released at the same time. It inevitably divided the attention of everyone, affected the public’s choice and also made it more difficult for albums to stand out.

Then again, there are no lack of strong competitors, especially YG, from their new artists to the more experienced artist, all had good results. We have listed some examples, these artists were able to made a name for themselves despited the tough competition – these artist had style and sales, and hence winning the TOP 10 Best Album of the Year.


ARTIST: Taeyang

RELEASE DATE: 3rd June 2014

REASONS FOR RECOMMENDATION: Harmony between vocals and melody

Coming from the Big 3 agencies are expected to release something big every year. But YG chose the unconventional route this year. YG released a bomb on the industry – the releases swept the industry, wiping out soloists and groups. Starting with 2NE1 at the beginning of the year and AKMU in spring. Coming to spring, they released (Prince/Sir) Taeyang – Dong Young Bae. Originating from BIGBANG, Youngbae has established his own branding be it fashion or his music. This is also why YG was so daring to release his album during the World Cup fever a period where many other artists try to avoid.

As a Full Album, Taeyang’s RISE was filled with energy, the melodies of the songs pushed the limits and was out of the world. The title song, ‘EYES NOSE LIPS.’ weakened the melody and rhythm’s presence in the song. It also showcases Taeyang attention to details with his sexy vocals that was able to make listeners pour their feelings endlessly. And also, GD – the person that always help Taeyang whenever he releases a new record, was also featured. This time, they collaborated with “THE FLIPTONES” for ‘STAY WITH ME’, the piano and rock acoustics came together harmoniously. Something worth mentioning is YG’s previous releases were all proven to be of best quality, and this time, Taeyang was able to set the standard, raising the bar. He was able to show to a greater extent – his uniqueness and individuality by avoiding the release of similar styled trancks. ‘RISE’ was able to help Taeyang RISE up.





REASONS FOR RECOMMENDATION: A band nothing like their precedents

There were plenty of reasons for us calling WINNER a band nothing like their precedents and one example is from the idea to realization, WINNER and iKON has been groomed by Yang Hyun Suk for 9 years, there isn’t an old hen more tiring than Yang Hyun Suk (article described Yang Hyun Suk as a hen and WINNER X iKON as eggs), and also there wont be eggs like WINNER and iKON. YG described WINNER as unconventional and not so YG (swag) style. Indeed, you can’t deny WINNER’s unique members allow them to have a wide variety in styles that are unpredictable. WINNER is the first artist to debut with a full album in 5 years, it was also the first album that the members was able to take part in its producing, and also it was much rarer to see an artist debut with a cross-genre/soft-hiphop  song as its title track.

In terms of packaging, WINNER was chic and extravagant – this caused worry whether YG was able to create another “MONSTER ROOKIE“. However, WINNER – artists with good looks, talent and fashion sense undoubtedly became a runner for the Best Rookie of the Year. The dual Titler Track – ‘Empty‘ and ‘Color Ring‘ received a flurry of good reviews on various music charts. ‘2014 S/S‘ reinforced YG’s high quality release and did a good job this year. Something worth mentioning is WINNER’s vocal line is able to showcase emotions, rock and definitely hiphop. WINNER is a symbol the possibilities of YG’s new generation and their force to be reckoned with in the future.





REASONS FOR RECOMMENDATION: Strong and domineering

From ‘I AM THE BEST‘ you can see 2NE1’s strong vibes. Since debut till now, they seem to have pasted a tag that says ‘I AM THE BEST’ on their forehead and stepped pass other rookies and established  themselves. However, like career minded women that lack love, they are a girl group like that as well. Therefore, upon the release of ‘MISSING YOU‘ during last year onwards, 2NE1 showed their emotional and soft side. The explosion from their soft side can be seen in their album ‘CRUSH‘, ‘CRUSH’ was an album filled with songs of above average quality. It was filled with a variety of genres like R&B, Electronic, Hip Hop which was full of style. The only solo from the album came from the leader CL, the solo track was unusually nice to listen to.

The double title track, ‘COME BACK HOME‘ and ‘GOTTA BE YOU‘ was filled  with swag and devilishness, especially ‘COME BACK HOME’ where the shadows of ‘I AM THE BEST’ can be faintly seen. You see, they are obviously swag girls, by allowing them to act reserved and soft is a little too unconvincing. You can tell that these YG styled swag and aloof girls is a disadvantage when they can’t be soft enough. The not bad song ‘Good to You‘ had lyrics that caused tears to roll. 2NE1’s maknae has also reached maturity and grew which formed this group 4 different main vocalist. Her good singing skills are needless to say, her control was present too and it was convincing to hear her  sing ballads. If their music was the only one that has been bragged about, they will never become the nation’s ideal type. Although 2NE1 is currently struggling to convince their listeners of their beauty, who says they can’t be the ideal type for people that like music first?

T/N: Some parts are not yet translated. We will update you soon.

Source: Sohu translated by: @B0Minator