Wednesday, May 27, 2015
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According to a recent report by Sports World, who received word from an informant, in April of this year, Winner’s fanclub Inner Circle, through a group effort, took legal action against netizens leaving malicious comments about the group. They singled out those commenting on member Nam Tae Hyun, who reportedly has received the most hate. 

It appears that due to past bullying rumors, as well as controversy over Nam Tae Hyun speaking informally to fans, certain netizens have continuously expressed their disdain for the Winner member. 

The report states that Winner fans personally collected the malicious comments in question, as well as raised funds to back the suit.

Meanwhile, Nam Tae Hyun is currently the lead in the web drama “Midnight’s Girl,” costarring actress Seo Min Ji.

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Despite the looming mandatory military enlistment of Big Bang members, YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk expressed confidence that the group will stay on top as a group and as solo artists.

“What’s there to worry about going to the army for two years? Big Bang’s biggest competitive edge is the impact of their solo activities. There is no need for all of the members to enlist at the same time,” Yang Hyun Suk told reporters after the second night of Big Bang’s comeback concert in Seoul, reports Soompi.

“There are many people worrying about Big Bang going into the army, but they are kids that I have no worries for, even if they leave for their service. T.O.P is currently attending university, so there are no plans to enlist until next year,” Yang Hyun Suk added.

The CEO believes that the group’s popularity and longevity will persist even through and after the mandatory military enlistment that all members must go through. Even if some members of Big Bang are serving the army, the rest of the group should be able to continue putting out music as solo or subunit acts.

“The army is definitely something you have to do, but they each have strong abilities as solo artists. Even if one member goes to the army, they are still Big Bang. Even if two members go to the army, they are still Big Bang. They will continue to protect their name as BIGBANG and they plan to consistently promote through solo and unit activities,” said Yang Hyun Suk.

“I hope they become a group that grows old with the fans for nine more years…I believe Big Bang will be forever as long as they make good music,” he added.

Do you agree with the YG Entertainment CEO?

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