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Set aside your biases and get to vote on who you think is the better model! Uh-uh, we know what you are thinking…you could only vote once, not twice!

WINNER’s Nam Taehyun and Lee Seung Hoon have contrasting personalities, but when they act out as models in their debut concept, they walked in harmony.  In your opinion, who expresses the model aura better – is it Taehyun or is it Seung Hoon?

Cast your honest votes on the poll below. Remember, cast away that bias mind and judge them using the following criteria:

  • Poise/Confidence
  • Presentation/Stage Presence
  • Technique
  • Overall Appearance

Check out this video for reference:


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On January 31, Lee Seung Hoon rejoined WINNER members during their Worldwide Inner Circle Conference (WWIC) in Seoul,  held at the Olympic Park Gymnastic stadium, where an estimated number of 10,000 fans came to attend the said event.

His back injuries made the fans grow restless the past days, and seeing Lee Seung Hoon back to his healthy and normal condition during the event concluded such unrest.  He had been complaining about his back pains since their appearance on ‘WIN: Who is Next‘ last year, and had probably been worsened due to his fall at the YG Family Power Tour in Singapore.

After their performance of “Empty“, he greeted the fans and said, “I am okay” with a reassuring smile, garnering a loud cheer from the audience.

WINNER will continue with their WWIC tour in Japan in February.

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[Lee Seung Hoon] Lee Seung Hoon went into his first shooting at dawn finally after waiting for his shooting turn when day became night one day. But the most asked question from Lee Seung Hoon who never chafed was “Do I shoot now?”

After missing WINNER’s recent fan meet in Beijing, Seunghoon remains absent for their WWIC 2015 stop in Shanghai, China.

On January 17th, WINNER met with their fans at the Grand Stage, Shanghai, China for this stop of their fan meet, with member Seunghoon absent from the event.

On the same day, YG Entertainment issued a statement saying that, “We deliver the unfortunate news that Lee Seunghoon will miss out on his Shanghai fan meet due to his health conditions. He will join the team as soon as he recovers.”

It was recently reported that Seunghoon will be absent with their first fan meeting in Beijing, China due to health conditions, with the agency excluding him from all upcoming schedules until he has recovered. He was also unable to join the group at the 29th Golden Disk Awards where WINNER won “Rookie of the Year.”

Meanwhile, following their stop in Shanghai, WINNER will continue to Shenzhen on January 24th before heading back to South Korea for their fan meet on the 31st.

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WINNER’s Lee Seung Hoon, who was previously announced to be sitting out the ‘WWIC 2015′ fan meeting in Beijing, will also be unable to attend the event taking place at Shanghai later today (17th).

YG Entertainment previously revealed that Lee Seung Hoon’s health was not in good condition and would be missing out on the Beijing event, which was held back on the 10th. With his continued absence at the event in Shanghai, fans have been expressing their concern, especially as he was noticeably absent from the performance at the ‘Golden Disk Awards‘ held on the 14th as well.

The agency has still not given a detailed update regarding Lee Seung Hoon’s health, leaving fans to worry about whether he is alright. However the rumor floating around is that he will be attending the next one, so it seems he is on his way to full recovery.

As mentioned previously, the idol is known to normally suffer from back pain so fans have speculated that his previous fall from the stage could have possibly attributed to his current health condition.

In response to the articles regarding his absence at the latest fanmeeting, fans voiced their concerns, writing, “It really does feel ’empty’ without Seung Hoon there. It’s the best with all five. Please don’t be in pain and get rest,” “Hurry up and get better… I really miss you. WINNER is the most beautiful when together as five!! I heard that he’ll be attending the next one so I find that a relief,” “Please get better soon!”, and more.

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As recently reported, WINNER’s Lee Seung Hoon will not be attending WINNER‘s WWIC 2015 in Beijing, China.

The report is confirmed by an official update from YG Family’s official Weibo account, a Chinese social media platform that YG Entertainment uses for their updates for their activities in China.

In the statement, it was announced that Lee Seung Hoon would be absent from the WWIC event and apologized to the fans who have been waiting for WINNER. With this confirmation, rumors are spreading that Seung Hoon suffered from a chronic slipped disk. It is to be noted that Hoon fell off from the stage during the YG FAMILY 2014 GALAXY TOUR : POWER IN SINGAPORE.

There is no official statement whether it is true or not that he is suffering from the illness.  It is also not confirmed if Hoon will participate on the activities following Beijing.

Meanwhile, starting from Beijing, Winner is holding the “WWIC 2015” in Shanghai’s GRAND STAGE and Shenzhen’s BAO’AN GYMNASIUM.

Let’s all pray for Hoon’s health.

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A notice was posted regarding WINNER’s WWIC 2015 in Beijing and Lee Seung Hoon‘s impending absence during the event. There has been no official statements made by YG Entertainment regarding this issue, but the fans were able to get the tip by translating the notice posted below found at YG Family’s official Weibo:




One of the members of WINNER (Lee Seung Hoon) that is holding a WWIC 2015 in Beijing would be unable to turn up because of health reasons.

Since the announcement of this event, many fans have been giving attention to this event. However, due to Lee Seung Hoon’s health, he is unable to perform for the huge amount of fans that is attending the said event, and for that, he is very apologetic.

We hope the fans will continue to show their support in their upcoming events and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

It is not yet clear what kind of health issues Seung Hoon has at the moment, but fans are wishing for him to get well soon and are also waiting for any confirmation from YG Entertainment.

WWIC 2015 in Beijing will take place on the 10th.

Lee Seunghoon “I Get Sad when People don’t Recognize my Work”


lee seunghoon

There is a prejudice that singers who originate from audition programs have limited opportunities. There is a man who perfectly crushed that stereotype. He is Lee Seunghoon, who wholly experienced popularity due to this groundbreaking performances on SBS “K-Pop Star”. It was widely preconceived that the greatly talented man to settle in YG. In the middle of WINNER’s best year, The Star met with Lee Seunghoon on the set of the photoshoot for the December issue.

From “K-Pop Star: Season 1” to WINNER, you are always in the center of performances. When are you most proud of yourself and when are you most tired?

Hoon: For me, I work the hardest and things turn out the best only after the knife is at my throat. I get pressured often. I get really happy when people ask me to what extent will I go for something and when the results are really good. When I’m having a difficult time, I prepare many things that are external to music but I get sad when people who know, recognize that but people who don’t know, stay unaware. It’s not that I am sad because I don’t get something out of it, I get sad when it’s not recognized.

What inspires your original ideas for performances?

Hoon: I get inspired from many different videos but I think things I felt and experienced when I was young comes out. Before we debuted, we prepared our album and traveled overseas often. We’ve performed on opening stages and we’ve been guests at concerts and we learned about the cultures of each country. My motto is, “There is no such thing as useless experiences”. I start thinking of trivial experiences. I like to experience and enjoy things.

Not too long ago, you fell from the stage and got injured. Are you alright?

Hoon: During the Galaxy stage event, it was really noisy and Tukutz was rapping while coming close to me and I was walking backwards and fell off the stage backwards. Compared to the fall, I did not get injured that badly. We went to Singapore soon afterwards and people told me I was a very lucky boy. They said it was a relief that I didn’t fall head first.



During “K-Pop Star”, PSY told you, “If you don’t become a singer, you’ll still be something great!” If you weren’t a singer, what would you be?

Hoon: I think I might’ve pursued a business in fashion. Perhaps start from clothing but include perfumes. I think my current occupation will benefit me in the future. Because everyone claps at anything that has a brand name label. If not, I might be in a dance team.

You have quite a number of ahjumma fans. Is it possible for you to date older women?

Hoon: It is possible. The age difference I have with my eldest sister is 7 years so those kinds of things don’t burden me. I wouldn’t mind dating a woman 12 years older than me. Even dating a 35 year old woman is possible for me. However, I wouldn’t be able to date a 35 year old woman without having marriage in mind. A woman past her forties is alright as well. In turn, she can’t look the part. That’s how much age doesn’t bother me, for me, how the person thinks is important.

Source: @With_WINNER  Translations: @chrissy96_

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Sweeping No.1 on music charts upon debut, making all songs in debut album enter top places on charts, and dominating top ranks in music shows. This is not a story of an already-popular idol singer. This is a story of WINNER. This story is about WINNER, who has recently unveiled their debut song “empty”. WINNER is YG Entertainment (“YG”)’s new boy group produced by the company for the first time in nine years after BIGBANG. This is why they are called a magnate or monster rookie.

Some have a different perspective on WINNER’s success. They say that the power has come from YG, not from WINNER themselves. Of course, a rookie from a large entertainment agency that has big capital strength enjoys an advantage for performances or PR. However, considering the fact that even EXO had to wait for a year until they become one of the top groups, YG’s power alone does not fully explain why WINNER is creating such a big sensation. We asked the reason to WINNER themselves.

In a recent interview with E-Daily’s Star-in, WINNER compared YG with “Silmido”, a film that depicted harsh training of anti-North spies, as well as with “jungle” where the law of jungle and survival of the fittest rule prevail.

SONG MIN HO said, “When seen from the outside, YG is like a dream company. YG has all the necessary system. You may think it is like heaven, but when you actually get training here, it is simply like a jungle. The company gives us whatever we need, but that’s it. Survival depends solely on trainees’ efforts.”

NAM TAE HYUN added, “YG spares no support for not only artists but also trainees. When I say I need something, the company gives it to me. However, the company never says ‘you do this’. You have to grow on your own. Otherwise, you can’t survive.”

SONG MIN HO and NAM TAE HYUN seemed to well understand the difference between YG and other entertainment agencies, as they have experience of being trained by different agencies.

Entering YG as a trainee does not guarantee debut as a singer. Trainees go through a harsh training process. They are trained by a tight curriculum similar to that of general schools. Tests are waiting for them every month. YG’s head YANG HYUN SUK himself observes the tests, so trainees feel tension and burden that is greater than that on the debut stage.

The eldest member of WINNER, “KIM JIN WOO”, was trained at YG for the longest period of time. KIM JIN WOO had once left the company because the training was so harsh, but he soon came back. He confessed, “I experienced a couple of slumps.” The process of WINNER’s debut was the same. WINNER was formed by winning competition against Team B, the other team of trainees in survival audition show “WIN” aired last year. WINNER’s debut was delayed by ten months compared to the original schedule. During those ten months, they gained hands-on experiences by standing on the stage of senior YG singers including BIGBANG and 2NE1. Those ample experiences made WINNER look like a veteran singer, not rookie, eventually resulting in a successful debut.

LEE SEUNG HOON said, “We worked hard to express ordinary emotions that anyone can have, in our debut album. I think that is why our album is appealing to the public. We will continue to create music that can appeal to the public, with our sincere heart.”

KANG SEUNG YOON said, “We feel burdensome because people have certain expectations for YG and for YG’s senior singers. But, that has given us motivation to work harder. We will take that burden and overcome it.”, asking for interest in WINNER.


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