Monday, March 30, 2015
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Actress Seo Minji has been confirmed to be the partner of Nam Taehyun, a member of idol group WINNER.

On the 26th, cable channel MBCevery1 revealed, “Final decisions have been made for Seo Minji to be the female lead in the webdrama, “Girl of 0AM”.

“Girl of 0AM” is about the main character, Jidan, who dream to be a superstar, coincidentally receives the opportunity to mature as a singer while running a noraebang/karaoke. It has been gaining attention as it will be Nam Taehyun of WINNER’s acting debut.

Seo Minji will act as Sera, the female lead of “Girl of 0AM”, Sera is a part-time worker, who leads Jidan (Nam Taehyun) to become a singer and holds a mysterious secret.

Seo Minji has bee acknowledged for her acting through drama “Golden Cross”, movie “Girl From Ipanema”, cable channel Mnet drama “Perseverance Goo Haera”, among others.

It is being planned for “Girl of 0AM” to be broadcasted on MBCevery1.

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Winner’s Nam Tae Hyun will be making his acting debut through a web drama Girl of Midnight(translated).

Girl of Midnight is MBC Every1′s first web drama and will tell the story of the protagonist named ‘Jidan,’ who dreams of becoming a superstar, coincidentally taking charge of a noraebang and growing as a singer through the experience. Nam Tae Hyun will be acting as the lead character ‘Gong Jidan.’

About why they cast Nam Tae Hyun, an affiliate of MBC Every1 stated, “The fact that he has the fresh image of never having presented his acting before and because he best suited the image of the protagonist ‘Gong Jidan.’”

Nam Tae Hyun reportedly led the atmosphere of the filming site and showed his acting skills that far exceeded the production team’s expectation, making it hard to believe that it was his first time.

Nam Tae Hyun said, “I feel pressured about acting for the first time but I’ve been enjoying it by thinking that it’s a good opportunity. As much as I have no acting experience, I may be lacking but please see me in a good light.”

The broadcast date of Girl of Midnight has not been confirmed and it will air through MBC Every1 and portal sites.