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Singer Sean held a talk concert on January 30 to show his gratefulness.

On January 30, Sean held “Sean’s Talk Concert” at the Compassion building in Seoul.

Sean has been consistently making ‘Compassion’ known through many TV shows he has appeared on. Compassion is a non-profit organization that sponsors children in 26 different countries.

Sean had posted on his SNS, “If you are willing to sponsor a child through Compassion, please leave a comment below. When 100 sponsors have been gathered, I will invite you to hold a private talk concert in Seoul.”

After that, 99 sponsors commented on his post with their willingness to sponsor a child and even though that’s one less than 100, Sean decided to hold the concert anyway in order to thank the sponsors.

Source: Kpopstarz

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On the January 5 airing of ‘Abnormal Summit’, Jinusean’s Sean revealed that he had donated around 3.5 billion KRW (~$3,150,516.28 USD) in total to different charity organizations, surprising the cast as well as viewers.

Zhang Yuan, who seemed to disapprove of Sean’s way of life, asked, “Do you have any money left? Do you have more money saved? Or did you donate more money than you have,” causing Sean to stutter as he answered, “There are kids we need to help every month, so we have enough to donate one to two months.”

Zhang Yuan then stated his opinion as he said, “This is why it is abnormal. You have four kids, and in Korea you have to spend a lot of money on education, marriage, and etc. But if you keep donating everything, how are you going to raise your kids?”

Sean answered, “In that sense, I am determined to provide for my kids until after they graduate high school. After high school, they need to provide for themselves.”

While other cast members were surprised by Sean’s philosophy, Zhang Yuan responded that if it were him, he would still save enough money for family emergencies.

He said, “If you are not prepared for family emergencies, and yet you still donate everything, then I don’t think that’s being a father.”

Source: Allkpop

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Sean has made several comments that indicate he is interested in returning to the recording studio with his former partner, Jinu.

Sean’s recent comments came on the SBS radio program “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time,” and strongly hint at a possible comeback of hip-hop duo Jinusean. “It’s still hard to talk about, but when Jinu and I were standing on that stage together we knew what the other was thinking without having to say it. I think I’d better get ready,” Sean said.

Sean also mentioned talking to YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk about a new album, further suggesting his interest in a comeback. “I haven’t met with him since appearing on ToToGa (a special episode of “Infinity Challenge”). The next time I see him, I’ll have to see what he thinks about a new album.”

Source: Soompi

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At the shareholders meeting of YG Entertainment held on August 27, important announcements including the investment deal with LVMH as well as the appointment of Sean as the internal director of the company have been announced.

According to YG Entertainment, the appointment of Sean as internal director has been a long time coming. “Sean’s appointment as internal director is needed to strengthen the corporate social responsibilties of YG. Based on Sean’s personal experience of having particiapted in various community volunteer programs and donation drives, YG will be able to roll out more effective and systematic public service,” said YG Entertainment.

Sean is one half of the hip-hop duo “JinuSean” that was founded by YG Entertainment in 1997. Together with his wife, Jang Hye Young, Sean has been actively involved in various community service.

More recently, Sean has cycled for 24 hours and donated 100 million won to aid the construction of a children’s rehabilitation hospital. As the co-leader of the “Seung Il Hope Foundation” which is currently in the works to create an ALS treatment hospital, he has encouraged a number of Korean celebrities to donate and contribute to the awareness of ALS including G-Dragon and Jo In Sung.

Source: Soompi

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