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YG Entertainment (“YG”) launches new survival program “MIX & MATCH”, for debut of WIN Team B including B.I and BOBBY.

One year after YG’s “WHO IS NEXT : WIN” show that gave birth to super rookie “WINNER”, YG will now broadcast new survival program “MIX & MATCH” on Mnet and NAVER at the same time, to select the members of YG’s next new boy group.

In “MIX & MATCH”, nine candidates including members of WIN Team B (B.I, BOBBY, KIM JINHWAN, SONG YUNHYEONG, KOO JUNHOE, and KIM DONGHYUK), as well as three YG trainees who were selected through a fierce competition, will “mix and match” their skills, charms, and characters to the best, to engage in a fierce battle to be selected as the members of YG’s next new boy group.

A press conference to announce the launch of “MIX & MATCH” will be held on September 2, at Conrad Hotel located in Yeoui-do, Seoul.

YG’s head producer YANG HYUN SUK will explain details of WIN Team B’s debut project and the battle of “MIX & MATCH” in the press conference.

As YANG said that he will “disband or change the members of the losing team” after confirming Team A as “WINNER in “WIN” show a year ago, Team B’s Korean and foreign fans who have long been waiting for Team B’s debut are paying keen attention to what battle they will face this time and how YG will create a new boy group through what missions and evaluations.

BIGBANG’s DAESUNG and actress-cum-DJ YOO IN NA, who were the MCs of “WIN” show’s final episode and battle, will host the press conference for “MIX & MATCH”, to support and cheer their prospective colleagues.

“MIX & MATCH” is expected to create a sensation in the broadcasting world once again, as viewers will be able to witness growth of WIN Team B members such as B.I and BOBBY who have recently been sweeping top places on music charts with their songs unveiled in Mnet’s “Show Me The Money 3”, as well as talent and skills of YG’s new faces.

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For the debut of B.I, Bobby, and the members of WIN Team B, YG Entertainment will be unveiling its new survival program, Mix & Match.

A year after super rookie Winner was born through Who is Next: WIN, YG Entertainment will unveil a new group through the survival program Mix & Match, which will be broadcasted through Mnet and Naver. 

Mix & Match will consist of Team B′s B.I, Bobby, Kim Jin Hwan, Song Yoon Hyung, Goo Joon Hee, Kim Dong Hyuk, as well as three new trainees, who powered through audition competitions. The nine trainees will use their talents, charms, and uniqueness to showcase a fierce battle to become a member of YG′s new boy group. 

Ahead of the broadcast, the press conference for Mix & Match take place on September 2 at the Conrad Hotel in Yeoudio. Yang Hyun Suk will personally attend the press conference to introduce the Team B debut project as well as the format of the Mix & Match battles. 

A year ago after Team A was selected as the winners on WIN, Yang Hyuk Suk stated the losing team will either disband or be reorganized. 

Due to this, the battles, the missions, the critiques, and the birth of a new YG boy band as well as the debut of Team B are expected to grab the attention of fans in and outside of Korea. 

The MCs of the Mix & Match press conference will be Big Bang′s Daesung and Yoo In Na, who previously hosted the final round of WIN

As Mix & Match will showcase a comparison between the new trainees and Team B, including B.I and Bobby, who are already taking over music charts through Mnet′s Show Me the Money 3, the program is expected to create much talk once again. 

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After losing out the A Team (who recently debuted as WINNER) YG Entertainment’s B Team will be competing with three other trainees.

A staff of Mnet said, “WIN B Team will be on the survival program, “MIX & MATCH” on September 11.” “Mix & Match” will on after “Show me the money 3.”

The B Team lost to the group of trainees now known as WINNER on the show “Win: Who Is Next,” but now will have another opportunity on this show.

The members of this new show will have the common goal to debut. The total of nine members will be on the show.

The A Team recently debuted as WINNER to much success and won first place on Mnet’s “M! Countdown” as soon as they debuted.

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Win Team B, the group which finished as the runner-up to Winner on “WIN,” looks set to take part in another survival show,according to a news report. The show will be broadcast by Mnet, and will be entitled “Mix & Match.” The first episode is set to air on September 11, following the conclusion of “Show Me the Money 3.”

According to the report, the program will involve all six members of Team B, as well as three more hopeful contestants, competing for the reward of a debut.

Sports DongA quotes an anonymous source as saying, “The show will live up to its title — contestants will be asked to form mixed teams and compete against one another.”

Win Team B previously hinted at a debut, following the group’s performance at “AIA Real Life: Now Festival” alongside other YG Entertainment acts on August 15. The boy band stated, “We are preparing for our debut.” Now, it is unclear exactly what they meant, as it seems to contradict the news of their appearance on a new survival show.

Winner, meanwhile, continues to enjoy the success of their debut album, “2014 S/S,” having recently claimed victory on Mnet’s “M!Countdown” on August 21.

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Kang Seungyoon: ‘Honestly, because of the fact that we and Team B started with the label as ‘rivals’, many people might think that we’re not on good terms.  However, that’s not the case.  We frequently meet and make music together.  This time around, B.I and Bobby have gifted us with a song.  We readily recorded the song and we’re very thankful.  We’re so thankful because they made a song that fit exactly with Winner’s colour.  I hope that we’ll have more opportunities to help each other out when Team B debuts later on.’
Yang Hyun Suk: ‘They are not rivals rather they’re family.  They’re friends who have been together way before WIN started.  When Team B debuts in the future, WINNER can also help them out so I hope fans don’t misunderstand this.’
1. [+2004, -189]  Great friendship ㅠㅠ Please debut them soon!!!!!
2. [+1879, -346]  Yang Hyun Suk… we’ll be able to see Team B, right?????  ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I miss them.
3. [+1295, -137]  Finally, WINNER ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
4. [+1527, -495]  Sell your soul to the devil instead~
5. [+477, -31]  Yang Hyun Suk must be taking private lessons on how to get fandoms to curse him.  Why would you upset WINNER’s fans by letting their rival team write their title song?  Why would you make them stay up and have WINNER take away a song Team B made?  You’re causing a war amongst family.  B.I and Bobby are in the midst of filming Show Me The Money 3 and Mix and Match and to top that you had them write a song to give to another team.  Even if they willingly gave the song, they get hate for it no matter what.
6. [+233, -19]  Still… the song Team B gave became the title…
7. [+210, -23]  Because of that a good relationship among fans turned terrible.  How can you give them not just a song… but a title song?
8. [+143, -31]  If people support Winner, they’ll support Team B too, is that so? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ So that in the end, it’s a win-win?  Anyway, good luck on your promotions.
9. [+109, -10]  Seriously YG is making an already established fandom come apart ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ A company that puts pressure on people.
10. [+102, -8]  Yang Hyun Suk, read these comments very well.  This is the result.  The result of your incompetence of having B.I make the title song and messing up your plans for WINNER.


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