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Jang Su Won shared what former Sechs Kies members Go Ji Yong and Lee Jae Jin were doing now.

In a recently recorded episode of KBS′ Happy Together for the ′I′m the Best′ special, Ji Seok Jin, Jo Yeo Jung, Clara, Park Gi Ryang and Jang Su Won appeared as guests, being the most popular in their respective genres.

Former member of one of the most popular idol groups of the 90s, Jang Su Won opened up on what his fellow members were doing.

“After leaving the entertainment industry as Sechs Kies wrapped up all activities, Go Ji Yong recently started an energy business,” explained Jang Su Won. “After his sister, Lee Eun Joo, married YG′s head, Yang Hyun Suk, Lee Jae Jin is spending his time as YG′s nanny, looking after his niece.”

After receiving much popularity for his robotic acting, Jang Su Won shared, “I′ve been selected to act as Jang Geu Rae in the Misaeng parody special Misaengmool.

The special series will play out the best scenes of Misaeng with Jang Su Won and his teacher, who taught him how to act in Love and War.

The episode of Happy Together will air on December 18.

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“2014 will be the most important for YG than any other years. To put it roughly, this year is going to be a year of gamble that will determine the next 10 years of YG.”

ygWhat YG’s Executive Producer, YANG HYUN SUK, wrote on the official blog YG LIFE early this year has become true. YG artists like 2NE1, TAEYANG, EPIK HIGH, WINNER, AKDONG MUSICIAN, and HI SUHYUN stayed at the very top of music charts all throughout the year. That does not mean that YG’s sales has surpassed that of SM Entertainment. However, in the past, they took a long time producing an album for just one artist, and release dates were quite frequently delayed. But this year, it was different. They produced album after album, which all had extraordinarily distinct colors. And every one of them was a success. But out of anything, it was the newbie artists like AKDONG MUSICIAN, WINNER and soon iKON who contributed a lot. YANG’s gamble returned as a very high profit.

The bet for the gamble was a survival show with an endless competition. YANG is like a gambler in a way that he picks his artists through risky survival shows. WINNER was the champion of Mnet’s [WIN], and the losing team’s B.I and BOBBY went on another survival game [Show Me the Money] to compete against top rappers. And then there was [MIX & MATCH] to determine the final members of iKON. On the other hand, LEE HI and AKDONG MUSICIAN were discovered on SBS’s [K-Pop Star]. “People tell me that I like survival programs too much. But those deep wounds will make them stronger. The hard process gave birth to greater outcomes than we have ever imagined.” (At the production event of [MIX & MATCH]) It really shows his way of managing the agency. Stay alive. Survive. Then you can become a star.

The battles in [WIN] and [MIX & MATCH] were designed by YANG himself, which are a clear example of his principles. He picks talents through forms of competition, like monthly assessments, while asking for more from the lagging candidates. But he guarantees a debut for the champion and an unrivaled promotion that can put them at the very top. However, his original “friendly” image is diminishing.

Even the confident B.I and BOBBY look small standing before YANG for the assessment on [WIN] and [MIX & MATCH]. If BOBBY and B.I were the champions, than YANG is the one who created them. The viewers could even see it, which naturally led to criticism that brought about side effects. In the midst of continuing survival shows, fans of WINNER and iKON went through many conflicts. YANG was dubbed the cruel producer. And his explanation on BOM’s drug incident earned him even more criticism. He talked about his regular daily life on SBS’s [Healing Camp], but now everyone knows that he is the game-changer behind the industry.

But the real irony is this: the more criticism he gets, the more successful he became. Hinting his passion for 2014, he actually made it happen, and despite receiving criticism, he produced some real stars. BOBBY, who has gone through the fiercest battles among all, has garnered popularity that is hard to believe he didn’t even make an official debut yet. People criticize these shows, but can’t help from getting addicted to them. They enthusiastically cheer on the champions. Survival show itself became a hit product, while the stars produced from it became another. YANG applies his passion and his management skills to the entertainment agency. He simply won the game by sticking to his principles in 2014.

Nearing the end of 2014, YANG appeared on [Healing Camp]. “What I envy is youth. If someone asked me if I could give up all the money I have to return to my 20’s, I would. This is how much potential and chances you, the youth, have. Be crazy about what you want to do,” he said. But that also means you must be ready to go through much competition and to seize success. That’s how he succeeded.

Competition may be brutal, but it can make the champion much stronger. The cruelty of the process can bring a bigger success. And now, since BIGBANG’s survival [Real Docu BIGBANG] in 2005, his influence has become evermore powerful. Competition in the current society has become much fiercer than 9 years ago, and winner takes all, more than any other times in history. It is hard for idols to succeed unless they belong to giant agencies like SM and YG. Idols are in constant competitions. YANG’s principle for competitions and his thirst for success indeed show a Korean trait. Curiosity builds to see how YG and YANG HYUN SUK will transform from here, starting from 2015.

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YG’s Executive Producer declared his entering of the Chinese market. This is his determination to find YG’s future driving force in the land of China. Experiencing the most explosive growth out of all Korean entertainment agencies, YG attracted investment from world’s top brand Louis Vuitton and China’s largest IT company Tencent, being spotlighted by the financial circle.

In an interview with OSEN, YANG commented, “It is unpredictable how much growth the Chinese entertainment market will see. Don’t you remember the film ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’? China’s influence on entertainment will be felt all around the world, like popcorn raining from the sky. This is the reason YG needs to enter the Chinese market in full force.”

YG has been preparing this for a while, and this spring held a “2014 1st YG AUDITION in Greater China” in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Knowing YG through BIGBANG, 2NE1 and PSY, local teenage fans responded explosively to the audition. 

YG visited Hong Kong to partake in MAMA held on Dec 3, and while he was there he signed an MOU with Tencent. The company invested hundreds of billions of won just this year in Korea, and now goes hand in hand with YG to secure the most powerful Korean Wave contents. YG also secured a partner to distribute their contents that are already recognized by the global market like YouTube. This is certainly a win-win structure.

YANG commented, “The two companies’ tie-up will create an unimaginable synergy in the growing Chinese market. I am not heavily involved in the business aspect of YG. I trust my management and follow them. It is my role to pull up the contents to perfection that is also competitive.”

YG’s entrance in the neighboring country means many things. First, it indicates that K-Pop wave has moved from Japan to China.

YANG said, “In the past, there were small and medium businesses that hindered signing the contract and more. The profit sharing system was uncertain as well. But as the Chinese economy grew dramatically, the market became more transparent. China’s consumption of contents is far dominant than any other countries. Some YG artists never even performed in China and they have a fan base there already. This is rightly the most opportune time to enter the market.”

YANG appeared on SBS’s “Healing Camp” for the first time in 2 and a half years, lecturing to youth about his success secret. “How I could be where I am today… After much thought I realized the keyword is “excitement.” Money cannot replace happiness.”

When asked what his keyword for deciding to enter the Chinese market, he answered, “That was also ‘excitement.’ When you do something, you have to enjoy it and your heart has to be excited for it. Then you can put in all your effort. This is exactly how my heart feels in entering the Chinese market.”

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 “Just like the corns pop when added heat, the Chinese entertainment market is going to experience an explosive growth.”

YG Entertainment’s Executive Producer YANG HYUN SUK said in an interview with Yeonhap News on Dec 3, “YG’s contents and China’s largest internet company Tencent’s platform come together to create an unimaginable synergy in the Chinese market.”
YANG signed an MOU with Tencent on Dec 2 at W Hotel Hong Kong, which means YG artists’ contents like songs and music videos will be showcased to the local fans through QQ Music, Tencent’s digital music service platform.
Tencent is the owner of WeChat, a mobile messenger with 600 million users and an online messenger QQ with 800 million users.

YANG commented, “In the last ten years, we put our focus on the Japanese market and held back on penetrating the Chinese one that had an uncertain profit structure. However, the Chinese government and corporates like Tencent started their effort in putting prices on music, and the local fan base for YG artists is growing, which make it an opportune time for us to enter this market.”
“The agreement on providing music is just one of 100 agreements. We are entering the Chinese market in full force, creating many entertainment sources with Tencent.”
“The fun sources have to be exciting, and that leads to passion for the dream. When I enjoy doing what I do, then profit follows.”
“The methods of alliance is still undecided, but in a mutual discussion ideas like mobile audition program, developing game programs and artist training were mentioned.”
YANG added, “There were manufacturing companies that entered the Chinese market just for the relatively cheap labor, and had to withdraw due to skyrocketing price. However, contents do not require any physical factories or companies, so there is no chance for failure. The rise in China’s labor cost will trigger consumerism, and that will actually help the business we are running.”
On the Korea-China Free Tree Agreement, he commented, “The issues that were delayed due to regulations will be carried out smoothly from now on, thanks to the FTA.”
“When we settle down in China in about 5 years, this can be an opportunity for us to play the role of a bridge to introduce American or European pop music to the country. As China is a more feasible market than the West with different cultures, the signing of the FTA will allow us to conduct intermediate trade in the entertainment industry,” predicted YANG.

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YG Entertainment has responded to a report that came out today regarding a Korean-Chinese collaboration movie or drama with China’s Yue Hua Entertainment. Their response seems to be that although it’s true that they are in the discussion of receiving investment for a production, nothing has been actually worked out yet.

One YG rep told Star News on the 4th, “The rumors that we are in works for a content-related, collaborative production with Yue Hua Entertainment are not true.” However, another YG rep was a little more cautious about giving a definitive answer, responding, “It is true that we are in talks with Yue Hua Entertainment regarding investment due to our close relationship, but we would need to look into it more before confirming whether or not there will be a collaborative drama or movie released in both countries as stated in the report.”

YG Entertainment is known to have ties with the Chinese company and is said to have had a helping hand for Yue Hua Entertainment’s debut of the Korean-Chinese group UNIQ.

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As the survival audition program, K-Pop Star recently started their fourth season, judges Yang Hyun Suk and Yoo Hee Yeol have already gone head-to-head with each other in an argument.

During November 30th’s episode of K-Pop Star season 4, a 19 year old contestant, Goo Gi Hoon confessed that he came to the audition without his parents approval. The 19 year old continued saying, “I think I can only endure it if I do what I really want to. I started it so I will finish it, I will live doing music until I regret taking this path.”

After his performance, Yoo Hee Yeol was the first to speak and started to mention that not everybody can pursue what they want to do. “You have to think very carefully, if I were to be more detailed, I think you are influenced a lot byJung Joonil of Mate,” he said.

He continued saying that he understands why Goo Gi Hoon wants to be an artist since he is handsome, can play the guitar and sing, but later says, “It doesn’t happen for everyone though, there’s a limit to how many people can make it.

Following, Yang Hyun Suk quickly interrupted and said that he did not like how Goo Gi Hoon was trying to live his life based on what his parents wanted him to do, “I think parents have the right to give advice, but happiness is one of the utmost importance,” he said.

It seems that Yang Hyun Suk continued on speaking as a father and said, “It doesn’t matter if you are rich, if you think you’re unhappy, you will be. People are most happy when they do what they want. I think parents should think more about what makes their children happy.

Yoo Hee Yeol later spoke from a father’s point of view and said if Goo Gi Hoon uses music “to escape from the pressure and expectations” of his parents, then his “thoughts may change with time. I would like to provide you with the time to think,” he said.

Yang Hyun Suk ended the conversation by saying, “There are no answers in life, just do what you think is right and you will not regret.

The amount of contestants this season is rumored to be double the original amount compared to previous seasons. In addition, with Yang Hyun Suk and Yoo Hee Yeol as judges, J.Y. Park is a judge as well. K-Pop Star season 4 premiered on November 23rd and is currently airing on Sunday evening.

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On the December 1 broadcast of SBS talk show “Healing Camp,” CEO and founder of YG Entertainment Yang Hyun Suk appeared as the first guest of a new special series that will feature the leaders of the next generation. Rather than the usual interview format with the three “Healing Camp” hosts, the series will have the guest in front of and interacting with a live audience.

Yang Hyun Suk revealed that he has never read a single book in his life. “I don’t know if it is dyslexia, but whenever I try to read, the characters on the page start dancing,” he said.

He added that he does not know what his IQ is because he never could understand the questions on an IQ test. He remarked, “If a dolphin’s IQ is 70 then I’m probably below there somewhere. I think I am definitely under 100.”

“Healing Camp” airs every Monday on SBS at 11:15 p.m. KST.

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CEO and founder of YG Entertainment Yang Hyun Suk revealed why he never had a wedding ceremony.

The December 1 broadcast of SBS talk show “Healing Camp” was the first episode of a new special series dedicated to facilitating dialogue between the leaders of the next generation and young people. Yang Hyun Suk appeared as the first featured guest.

With regards to why he and his wife Lee Eun Joo never held a wedding ceremony, he explained, “Although we got married, we never had a ceremony because we did not want to get up in front of others. It was too uncomfortable for us. We also did not want to just follow suit and do what everyone else does.”

Additionally, Yang Hyun Suk revealed, “My fear of getting up in front of people was so bad that I didn’t even have a wedding, but some time ago my daughterEugene told me that the students were asked to bring their fathers to school for field day. My daughter assumed that I would definitely go, and I couldn’t tell her no so I went ahead and promised her I would. But from that moment I started having a panic attack.”

He continued, “I cleared my schedule and accompanied my daughter to field day. I put on my hat, hoping it would cover my face. When it was announced that the last game would be the Crack the Cracker Game [which involves eating crackers off a hanging string] I asked Eugene if we could sit out on this one. But, she got upset, insisting that she had to play. Ultimately, I ended up playing with my cap on backwards, and we won first place. Immediately afterwards, I felt my panic attack subside.”

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YG Entertainment‘s Yang Hyun Suk appeared on the December 1 installment of SBS‘s ‘Healing Camp‘ and talked about dyslexia and his IQ.

He said, “Since I was born, I have never read a single book.  Is it called dyslexia?  When I read a book, the letters start to move half a page through.  Then I get sleepy.  And this could be from a lack of focus.

When you go to school, you take an IQ test, right?  I couldn’t understand the questions on an IQ test at all.  I couldn’t understand them at all.  I don’t know what my IQ is, but if a dolphin’s IQ is 70, then I’d probably be below that.  I don’t remember, but I’m pretty sure [the results came out to be] two digits,” amusing the others.

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