Kim Jinwoo confirms to cast as the lead actor in the upcoming SBS drama, a Korean-Chinese joint venture of the production company Aura Media.

“We will put a start to a full-fledged of his acting career”.

‘Magic Cell Phone’ deals with the story of an ordinary young man and idol groups. It is full of love and fantasy which will surely entertain the public and will add interest to the story.

This is Kim Jinwoo’s first appearance after his debut with WINNER, and his challenge is to improve his acting. In particular, following the footsteps of other members, Nam Tae-hyun Kang Seung-Yoon, he aims to widen the capacity as the third actor in the group.

Aura Chinese media has recently agreed to make the drama. Aura media said that “‘The Magic Cell Phone’ will contain 5 series. Co-member Nam Tae-hyun will appear in the first series “Under the Black Moonlight’“This is the first experience of Kim Jinwoo, a real challenge to showcase his talent” he added.

The drama “Magic Cell Phone” is expected to be out in the fall season, at home and abroad after shooting in August and then to be released for the audience through offline channels.


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