If you have been a long time fan of 2NE1, their earlier days were the brightest that Kpop have ever been going back almost 7 years ago – the excitement, the fun, the tears and the laughter…They were one of a few Kpop acts who broke the stereotype of a blooming genre which was then newly introduced globally.

It was an awakening, a form of evolution which shuts out the idea that Kpop is all cutesy and girly – they were badasses, scary for all the right reasons, and hands down one of the best Kpop acts that ever stepped into the limelight.

They were once dubbed as the female “BIGBANG“, a reputation they carry before they were introduced to the world, but the girls stood up out there and conquered the world all on their own and for nearly a decade, they ruled the Kpop world different than the Kpop we once knew.

Starting out bold and fierce, they were the perfect example of how and what women should be, and for that they were loved, not just for the addictive music but for the empowerment they convey through music to the women all across Asia and the world. The band since then carry different concepts each time they comes out, and each time, they never fail to amaze crowd.

2NE at the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA 2015). The feelings never changed…still the queens!

Being a long-time fan, we miss all the fun and excitement we had back then. I remember writing long articles about the group, being thirsty and hungry all the time for more 2NE1. We believe the group is ready, but before anything, they need perfect timing…

It doesn’t matter who comes out every now and then, what we know is that 2NE1 is CL, Dara, Bom and Minzy. We need the perfect time to slay, just like how they slay the crowd during MAMA.

Waiting is a tiring thing, but then as they say, even waiting will end if we can just wait long enough.

2NE1, we are still waiting, but take your time. No need to rush, but if you can, come out now, because the world is waiting and we are damn ready for it!