Choi Ji Woo Answers Questions about YG Artists, Kang Dong Won and YG Entertainment

Photo: Naver TV

YG Entertainment actress Choi Ji Woo recently had an interview with Sports Seoul, where she gets to answer questions regarding YG Entertainment and other people working under the agency.

She expressed, “Truthfully, I don’t see singers from my agency often. It’s true that we don’t see each other often because we have different fields. We can only spend time together when we attend annual year-end dinners and other special activities.”

About Kang Dong Won joining YG, she said, “I haven’t worked with Kang Dong Won in the past so we are not close on a personal level. I just found out that Kang Dong Won joined YG Entertainment through the news. If I had to express the feeling in one word, ‘Wow!’ is what I would say. I was just surprised.”

She also made a statement about her contract due for renewal this year. She commented, “I came to this company with friends I have worked with for a long time. I spent 20 years with my stylist. Developing a relationship with coworkers maybe a little bit of a burden at first so it brought out a lot of worries, nonetheless, I think my style is that I keep these relationships precious and keep them long-lasting.”

About YG Entertainment, she expressed, “YG is like a roof to me. It feels that I am secure here. YG CEO always believes in me and entrusts to me (things that I need to do). Doesn’t it feel like I was able to promote within a certain range since coming to the company?”

Choi Ji Woo will be starring in a new romantic flick, “Likes for Likes” out sometimes soon. Let’s look out for it!

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