The growth of the 7-membered group, iKON

On the 17th, iKon received a good impression winning an award on the 5th Gaon Kpop Charts Award held at the Olympic Park Stadium in Bangi-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul. Their debut album, “Welcome Back” released last year which earned them two gold trophies, won “Artist of the Year” for the month of September.

In an with Starnews, iKON expressed their thoughts about winning the award.

Yunhyeong: “Thank you for giving us the award which we can only win once. We will become the iKon which won’t lose our primary passion.”

Junhoe: “Thank you so much. This award is not just for us, but for those who likes us. Thank you once again. We continue to show further improvement for the future”.

B.I: “Thank you for this great award. We will become the best. Stay tuned.”

iKON is a 7-membered group introduced by YG Entertainment last year.

As rookies, they went through and experience the harsh and fierce competition and training from a survival program.

Jinhwan: “There were times when we could only think of our debut as our goal. I am thankful that we were given such an award.”

They became a hit in the music industry with the promotion they have to release of their new songs on September until November last year. Their debut song “Rythm Ta”, “My Type” and “Dumb&Dumber” top the various music charts and held their solo concert selling out 10,000 seats establishing them as a trend in the industry.

Jung Chanwoo states, “I think it’s because we reach out to the public with various genres”, he explained when asked about the secret of their popularity.”

iKON hailed from YG Entertainment whose strong foundations include BIGBANG.

BIGBANG records the highest impact winning the category for Gaon’s “Artist of the Year” for the months, May, June, July and August, also bagging this year’s award as the Most Influential Artist of Asia on top of that.

Junhoe stated, “BIGBANG is a very good role model for us. Having a great and reliable senior group, we always wanted to become like them. That gives us a lot of motivation to work harder”.

In the past, WINNER who in the past won and competed with iKON on the survival program on Mnet, “WIN: Who is Next”.

WINNER got the “Rookie of the Year” at the 4th Gaon Chart Kpop Awards last year while this year, the 5th award was given to iKON.

B.I stated, “WINNER hyungs have always been supporting us and gave us a lot of strength. That is perhaps why we achieved a better result.”

iKON will be active for their plans of “2016 Showtime Tour”. The will be holding a concert in Daegu and Busan on February 27 and March 5 respectively.

They also have scheduled activities in Japan. They will be having a series of Arena tours, opening at the Japan Fukuoka Kokusai Center and in five other cities with a total of 14 other performances, including Kobe, Osaka and Chiba.

Lastly, Donghyuk expressed, “We are always thankful to the fans who support us. We will work even harder to (as not to fail) become worthy of the “Rookie of the Year” award.”


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