YG WINNER x JTBC “Half-moon Friends”… First Broadcast in April

Boy group WINNER will appear in a new variety program called “Half-moon Friends(temporary title) that is being newly launched by the broadcasting company, JTBC.

In the morning of the 11th, their agency YG Entertainment stated, “WINNER will appear in the new variety program of JTBC from next month called “Half-moon Friends”. They will create a “dream-like nursery” as they will live with children aged 4 to 7, who are from families where both parents work.”

The last time all five members of WINNER appeared on a variety program together was in February of 2014 with their cable channel Mnet “WINNER TV” and it has been 2 years and 2 months. Much attention is gathering for how the five members and the children will touch the viewers’ hearts.

“Half-moon Friends” will contain the interactions between an idol group that have gone through many years of training and children who are used to being alone due to both of their parents working. The show will display how they will become friends in happy and heartfelt ways. This program will show WINNER’S sincere and humane sides that they weren’t able to show onstage.

WINNER released their new mini album, “EXIT:E” in February and have met their fans until now. They have halted all activities for “Half-moon Friends” and have started filming from the 9th and will continue to film for 5 weeks.

A representative of YG explained, “WINNER, who prepared for this project for the last 6 months, will commit themselves to full shooting and have emptied their schedules for the next 5 weeks. Although they will be permanent members of the variety show, it is common for shooting to take place for 1-2 days every week. Since WINNER also promotes overseas, it was difficult to empty their schedules for 5 weeks straight. However, because ‘Half-moon Friends’ is not a simple appearance but a collaboration production with a broadcasting company, WINNER will be living with cameras every day during the 5 weeks.”

“Half-moon Friends” will be the combination of variety and documentary formats as viewers will laugh and cry while viewing the process of idols and children becoming friends. A representative of JTBC stated, “We want to send a empathetic and supporting message to the parents of this generation who are raising children.”

Meanwhile, WINNER will hold their first concert, “WINNER EXIT TOUR IN SEOUL”, on the 12th and 13th at Seoul Olympic Gymnastics Arena. Their will continue their domestic tour on March 26th at Gwangju Kim Daejoong Convention Center, at Daegu EXCO on April 2nd, and then at Busan KBS Hall on April 23rd. 160311 WINNER for New JTBC Variety Show with Children

translation: @chrissy96_; Source: Naver

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