The official fan club of SECHSKIES, which has been receiving full support from YG Entertainment, will be launched soon.

SECHSKIES was reunited after it was disbanded 16 years ago. Recently, SECHSKIES has released a new single titled “THREE WORDS”, which is currently topping all the charts. Now, the group is going to have an official fan club. The official name of the fan club is “YELLOW KIES” as revealed by SECHSKIES members during their show on V App.

“YELLOW KIES” will be officially recognized by YG and will receive the agency’s support. YG will officially announce this news next week.

SECHSKIES has such a wide fan base that it is hard to believe that the group has reunited 16 years after its disbandment. Not only SECHSKIES’s new single but also its old hit songs are dominating the charts. Fans of SECHSKIES are mostly women in their late 20s to early 40s, and so they have great purchasing power. On top of their old fans, SECHSKIES also have added new fans in their teens and early 20s into their fan base, making it more powerful. SECHSKIES’s fandom is indeed one of the most powerful and wide ranged fan bases in the history of Korean pop music.

This was demonstrated at the recently-held Busan One Asia Festival. Fans from all parts of the country rented as much as 60 buses to came to Busan and see the first music show appearance of SECHSKIES. The Busan Asiad Stadium, the venue where the festival was held, was filled with the color yellow. The sheer number of SECHSKIES fans was overwhelming and far exceeded the number other idol groups fans.

YG saw the passionate fans and decided to launch an official fan club so that it can provide more systematic support. YG has provided the best possible environment for SECHKIES to continue doing music. YG’s decision to launch an official fan club will certainly go a long way in strengthening the fan base of SECHSKIES.


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