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We had multiple articles written about this in the past buried somewhere in our older database. The phrase, “Park Bom’s drug scandal” will always leave a negative impression to fans, readers and newer 2NE1 fans, thus we felt a great responsibility being part of this huge fanfamily of BlackJacks and YG stans to publish accounts that would uncover the truth behind all this mess thrown out at 2NE1. As we may know, this has been used as a constant bullet for anti-fans in attacking the group and their fans.

We felt terrible for losing 2NE1, in the process reflecting upon why we didn’t give much emphasis on the issue. At those times, we felt that silence is a better weapon to protect 2NE1 than be engaged in a hateful exchange of words. Unarguably, those issues hit 2NE1 hard, especially Park Bom who’s been blamed for it too many times.

The Park Bom we have always adored suffered for it silently for many years, while the fans have been fighting for her, doing everything they could do to give her justice. In the process of our quest to unveil the truth, and as what we have uncovered in the past, Park Bom is not a drug addict – this we would like to emphasize. She’s taking a legally prescribed drug for her anxieties, prescribed by her physician in the United States.

As to why she’s been suffering from the illness, Park Bom was a member of a soccer team in her school (Gould Academy) in the States. She saw her colleague collapsed and died in front of her.

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Here is an account of a fan who posted this in her blog, fully translated by Sally Kang (KIMJ1WON), hoping it may enlighten all of us:


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