WINNER expressed their feelings regarding the great support they are receiving since their comeback on the 4th with which they swept the domestic and the foreign charts.

WINNER stated, “We are so thankful and very much surprised by the efforts of the fans. All the hard work in preparing for the album has been paid of after receiving so much love”.

WINNER eventually swept seven domestic real-time charts upon their comeback on April 4. It became popular all over the world, not only in Korea but also in iTunes charts of 21 countries.

Particularly, they gained an explosive popularity in China.

On the 5th, WINNER’s “Fool” and “Really Really” topped the Kpop MV chart on ‘QQ Music‘, the biggest music site in China with 400 million user per month.

Likewise, “Really Really” landed on the top spot (#1) of the “Kugao” Kpop new songs chart which has 400 million users per month.

In addition, “FOOL” is at the 2nd place, whereas “REALLY REALLY” is on the 3rd place of “King Wynn Music”, one of the top 5 online music platforms in China.

Despite the long hiatus of 1 year and 2 months, they gained domestic and worldwide recognition. WINNER’s popularity is unstoppable.