‘Boyfriends’ Future – The Next GD & Taeyang that YG Needs to Groom


”K-Pop Star” season 6 has finished. “Boyfriend(Kim Jong Seob & Park Hyunjin) has become the final winner of the season. As the two boys are young at 11 years old, the future of “Boyfriend”s Park Hyun-jin and Kim Jong-sup is drawing keen attention.

People are keenly interested in the two boy’s future, as they are the youngest-ever winner of “K-Pop Star” show and their career can develop differently following what kind of training they receive.

Diverse media outlets and Internet users expect that the duo is likely to select YG Entertainment. YG’s CEO YANG HYUN SUK gave full score to the duo’s performance in the last episode of “K-Pop Star” and straightforwardly said “You must join YG”.

YANG HYUN SUK had praised “Boyfriend” before by saying, “I would like to take them to YG and make them debut as YG artists. I thought I want to give a new trial with them. The two boys can be like GD and TAEYANG”.

In the meantime, YG Entertainment clarified their cautious approach. A senior official of YG told Daily Sports on April 13, “I heard that discussions are going on now with the boys’ parents, as they are still minors. The chemistry between the two is really good”.

The official also said that the company does not want to separate the two boys, just as GD and TAEYANG have been working together from their childhood. “We believe that it is the best for the boys to select the company they like the most. Even if they do not join YG, YG will always cheer for them”, said he.

Last Chance”, the final season of “K-Pop Star” show, was finished in a great success. The first episode of the show recorded 14.7% of viewer ratings and the second episode, 16.7% (Nielsen Korea). Just as the title “Last Chance” suggests, the season achieved a remarkable success.

In a telephone interview with Daily Sports, SBS TV’s Park Sung-hoon producer who directed “K-Pop Star” extolled the boys of “Boyfriend” by saying, “They look like children when you see them from under the stage, but they boast outstanding presence actually on the stage. They are different in a rehearsal and in live-broadcasting. They know how to enjoy themselves on the stage. I myself witnessed why it is important for artists to know how to enjoy their own performance once again”