Group SECHSKIES has confirmed a new release in April. Even though the exact date was not confirmed yet, SECHSKIES will release new songs during this month.

SECHSKIES celebrates the 20th anniversary of their debut on the 15 this month. The team is now giving the final touch to their new songs, in order to release them during this month. An YG insider hinted on SECHSKIES’ comeback by saying to OSEN, “SECHSKIES’ 20th anniversary songs will be released within this month no matter what”.

SECHSKIES shot two music videos of their new songs for the upcoming comeback. The videos will not be able to be released on the 15, as post-production work including editing is not finished yet. However, insiders say that the release of the new songs and videos will not be later than this month, as YANG HYUN SUK gave a special instruction for the schedule of SECHSKIES’ new release in this April which is a special month in which SECHSKIES’ 20th anniversary of debut falls on. Fans are expressing great anticipation for SECHSKIES’ comeback, as more than two songs are to be released.

The YG insider also said, “We’re preparing for a variety of events along with the release of new songs, in celebration of the 20th anniversary of SECHSKIES’ debut. Detailed schedule will be announced soon. As we’ve prepared for the 20th anniversary event for a long time since last year, it will be worthwhile to look forward to”.

SECHSKIES has been actively presenting themselves to the public since their reunion and signing contract with YG last year. The team swept No.1 on charts with their new song “THREE WORDS” released last year after 16 years of absence from the music scene. Recently, SECHSKIES was selected as the top idol group that represents the first-generation idol singers of the 1990′s.

Music fans are now paying keen attention to the rich and fancy comeback project of SECHSKIES who will present more special events than ever in celebration of the 20th anniversary of debut.