The four members of WINNER graces the pages of Hi-Cut

After one year and five months, WINNER returned with a new single, “FATE NUMBER FOR” expressing an image with the sense of their rebellious youth in the star-styled magazine, “HI-CUT“. This is the first magazine where they revealed their pictures together as four members. This serves as a glimpse of the independence as “real” WINNER, different from the bright and energetic stage performance from their title song, “REALLY REALLY.

In an interview after the shoot, Kang Seungyoon said, “My favorite hobby these days is reforming clothes with MINO. I also take a walk in the sun to unwind. I wear a mask and a hoodie so that people won’t recognize me. At night, I wear dark clothes for the same reason.”

Song Minho also said, “The first song I made was when I was a six grader. I went to a friend’s house with two of my friends, and I wrote the lyrics and recorded it on a cassette tape. The most difficult song to make was ‘SHOOT!’, a song I made for Infinite Challenge. It was really hard to make a song and express what I want to say within certain boundaries.”.

Lee Seunghoon said, “I like coming up with ideas. I visit the staff’s office really often. So when I come on TV, the staff doesn’t like it saying it’s awkward. They make fun of me and say, ‘How come an ordinary guy like you is on TV?”.

Kim Jinwoo commented on the title song, “The best time to listen to this song is when you are just about to enter a relationship or right after. In terms of season, spring is the best time, which means now is the best time to enjoy our song.”

WINNER’s picture can be seen through HI Cut vol. 196 which is published on April 20.

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