You went through a long hiatus again. Your team have been reorganized into four members.

     “It’s a comeback after a year and a half, but this time, we didn’t feel burdened about the long hiatus. We have continued pursuing our personal activities and programs, and have been interacting with the fans a lot through V Live. We thought we have to pay back the fans who waited so long for us with our music. During the hiatus, we improved our musical skills and have consistently made our own songs. Of course there was emptiness when Nam Taehyun left, but we hope that we get to be loved as well as four members.”

The new song “Really Really” is a completely different song than WINNER’s style. It’s very fresh.

     “The title song, “Really Really” is a song based on the tropical house genre. After listening to emotional and mature music for years, “Really Really” has a very catchy feel for us at night. On the other hand, the double title song, “FOOL” is an R&B song. It gives off a feeling in contrast to the other song. “Really Really” has a dance prepared for the first time since our debut. It has been so long that our enthusiasm for dancing has been waken up.”

Realistically speaking, WINNER members aren’t very young. You must be very worried about mandatory military service.

     “It is a matter of course to go to the military when we are of age. We don’t think of it as something other than that and we are not bothered by it. WINNER is now a group of members in their mid-twenties and once it is time to go to the military, we will go. However, we just want to show as much as we can of WINNER before we enter the military.”

Do you keep in contact with Nam Taehyun who has left the group? Have you thought about reuniting with him?

     “We are busy and Nam Taehyun is busy too. Honestly speaking, we are unable to contact him often. And truthfully, we cannot give a definite answer about reuniting. As much as we are a group that was formed through a survival show, there is a symbolism in the 5 members. If the opportunity arises in the future, there is a possibility of us going back to 5 members. But much preparation would be needed.”

Excerpts from the Article: Here | Military Parts & Taehyun Trans: @chrissy96_