IU just released her comeback album with G-Dragon featuring in one track entitled, “Palette“.

She talked about the advice G-Dragon gave her and how he gets to be featured in one of her song.

IU stated, “I’ve always been a great fan of G-Dragon in terms of music. When I was preparing the ‘Palette’ track, I asked him for advice. I didn’t expect him to feature in it and just intended to discuss ideas with him during the song writing process.”

She continued, “After that, he felt that at the B bridge, a rap would be more suitable than having melody. Someone who already knew the tone of the song and whose voice suited the song would be G-Dragon.”

“I thought it would be suitable to ask GD, a sunbae who gives me great advice, while giving me freedom and contributing his wit at the same time. I suggested to him (a collaboration) and he gladly accepted the offer.”