WINNER’s Lee Seunghoon’s charm was highlighted.

On May 23, he graced the pages of the fashion magazine, “Singles” filling it with contemporary feels amidst his briskly busy album release in May.

He surprised the staff on the spot with his incredible understanding of the pictorial concept as he poses with skills and sophistication, his fascinating eyes were filled with both innocence and maturity.

“It is good to have fun. When I prepared for the comeback, I always consider how I can work with much happiness and how I can make people laugh with the song we work on. I come up with creative ideas and it’s fun”.

Throughout the interview, the 26-year old Lee Seunghoon showed off his will in a humble manner. His passion was confirmed during the comeback activity. He said, “This is the first time that YG had a promotion for eight weeks, so I got a lot of opportunities to meet and communicate with fans, and although I had a lot of schedules, I am tired but not stressed out.”

He also said that he smiled a lot now, but was worried while he prepared for the comeback. He was relieved after “Really Really” was relesed because the reaction to WINNER’s comeback was explosive. “The answer to whether we are doing well is that the fans give their all away and their response set us at the right direction”.

Lee Seunghoon’s interview and pictorial will be on the June issue of the Singles magazine and in the online app on Singles mobile.

1. Really, every moment was like a dream and I was so happy!! I am so thankful that you came back with such a good song. [+130, -1]

2. Even with the 8 weeks of promotions, every moment seems to have gone by so fast. The WINNER we trust in, the WINNER with many talents, come back as soon as possible to give us good music again. [+120. -1]

3. April and May were the best. Thank you. [+114, -1]

4. With Lee Seunghoon whether it’s what he says. or what he writes, or his dancing, none of it is cliched but it surprises and touches you every time. He has an enormous amount of charms so he’s someone I have even more expectations for in the future I will always support him (+104, -11)

5. With the good songs and to see him giving it his all at every moment, I was always moved and happy. [+104, -1]

6. Really Really is so sophisticated and each member’s vocal tone has its own color- Going forward I’ll continue to listen- I listened to Fool for the first time yesterday and liked it so much… Cheering for you WINNER!! [+46, 0]

7. It seems like just yesterday that the teasers were released and we were waiting for April 4th at 4 pm and its already May ㅠㅠ Every moment was like a dream. Thank you for making us happy with such a great song. [+45. 0]

8. It was a happy 3 weeks. Your magazine spread was so great. The pictures as well as the content in the interview, Seunghoon is so cool on the inside as well, as I get to know him better I fall for him more [+46, -1]

Article by: Naver | Comments translation by: @_suzino