iKON has released a video for their comeback.

On May 16 at 10AM, YG Entertainment released a teaser video titled “NEW KIDS:BEGIN”, which is also the title of iKON’s new album, on the company’s official blog. In the video, each of the seven members of iKON is presenting different and unique appeals, hinting on a great change in the image of the team.

Until last year, iKON had an image of innocent and youthful boys, but now, the team is presenting masculine and intense charisma with street fashion and hip-hop atmosphere. 

An YG insider said, “The concept for iKON’s comeback this year is ‘NEW KIDS’. It means iKON’s ‘new beginning’ and ‘new style’, which also shows iKON’s resolution and will to release ‘NEW KIDS’ series albums continuously during this year”.

The starting point for new iKON will be “NEW KIDS:BEGIN” to be released on May 22.

iKON has been focusing on their career in Japan for the past one year. Following their Japan Arena tour, iKON will hold first dome tour at Osaka Kyocera Dome in Japan on this Saturday, May 20. Then, two days later, iKON will come back in Korea with their new album “NEW KIDS:BEGIN”.

Music fans are paying keen attention to what kind of new music and style iKON will present for their comeback.


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