During this year of 2017, the jewel box of YG’s head producer YANG HYUN SUK is widely opening. As many as seven teams have come back in the first half of this year alone. Beginning from AKMU, WINNER, SECHSKIES, PSY, iKON, and then G-DRAGON have come back one after another. Now that girl group BLACKPINK also announced their comeback on the 22 this month, the music scene is surprised to see YG’s “hard work”.

The power of YG’s jewel box seems to be quite formidable as expected by everyone. As of June 14 at 7AM, seven out of top 20 songs on Melon’s real-time chart are the ones of YG artists. G-DRAGON’s power is still remarkable and he is sweeping music charts around the world upon his comeback. Four songs of his new album―”UNTITLED”, “BULLSHIT”, “SUPER STAR”, and “MIDDLE FINGERS-UP”― are enjoying great popularity on charts. Two of PSY’s new songs are also ranked in top 20 and WINNER’s “REALLY REALLY” is also enjoying great popularity on charts for a long time since the release of the team’s new album. 

BLACKPINK to whom G-DRAGON will pass the baton of comeback is also at the center of attention. BLACKPINK is a rookie YG girl group who drew keen attention from before their official debut, being known as a talented and pretty girl group. On June 13, YANG HYUN SUK directly announced BLACKPINK’s comeback by saying on his Instagram account, “#BLACKPINK #20170622 #COMEBACK #TEASER #NEWRELEASE #YG”. BLACKPINK is coming back to the music scene after seven months of absence since November last year. 

BLACKPINK is YG’s formidable rookie who swept the rookie awards of music festivals last year after recording hits with their new song “WHISTLE”, “BOOMBAYAH”, and “PLAYING WITH FIRE” upon their debut. 

The most prominent achievement of YG’s “hard work” during the first half of this year was made by G-DRAGON. G-DRAGON swept No.1 on eight music charts in Korea with “UNTITLED”, the title track of his new album “KWON JI YONG” released on June 8 at 6PM. Then, G-DRAGON took No.1 on iTunes albums chart of 39 countries around the world, for the first time for a Korean artist. As G-DRAGON took No.1 on the iTunes charts of not only Asia but also North America and Europe, G-DRAGON broke BIGBANG’s record of No.1 on the iTunes charts of 27 countries. 

WINNER is also making an outstanding achievement. “REALLY REALLY”, the title track of their new album “FATE NUMBER FOR” released one year and two months after the last album, is enjoying a long-run popularity on charts for 11 weeks in a row. SECHSKIES, “the youngest artist of YG”, took No.1 in TV music shows and on music charts for the first time in 17 years with their 20th anniversary album. 

PSY is also enjoying continuous popularity with his eighth full album “PSY 8th 4X2=8”. iKON’s new album “NEW KIDS: BEGIN” released on the 22 last month also proved the potential of the team by taking high ranks on foreign charts, even though its record on charts in Korea was not that much impressive. 

An YG insider said, “YANG is not pouring out all the artists in the YG jewel box in the first half of this year. After BLACKPINK, YG artists will come back one after another until the end of this year”.