Your recent appearance in “Knowing Bros” and “Weekly Idol” show drew keen attention.

▶(JISOO) I like many people recognizing me. I also like fans liking to see us on TV. I also like that each member can show their talent more fully in TV shows. I’m feeling like I’m taking one step closer to more people.

▶(JENNIE) Personally, I still feel a sense of burden about appearing in a TV show, haha, because I still think myself on the stage is not yet perfect. But still, I like it as more people recognize the other members’ unique appeals displayed in TV shows.

▶(ROSÉ) I’m still nervous about appearing in a TV show, as I don’t have that many experiences. I also feel burdened, thinking that I should make people laugh in TV shows. But when we appeared in TV shows, their cast member cared for us much, so I felt more comfortable than nervous at the shooting.

▶(LISA) We shot “Weekly Idol” and “Knowing Bros” shows. I liked it that we can show BLACKPINK’s appeals and talent outside the stage, one after another.

– What the other members mean to you?

▶(JISOO) It may sound like a cliché, but the other members are essential to me, in terms of my work and private life. When I’m with the other members, I feel reassured and more self-confident. As the four of us had practiced together for a long time, we rely on one another. It has already been three years since we started to live together at a company house. When I go to carry out a schedule alone, I feel lonely. I think I receive great energy from the others for every part of my life. When I’m tired of my daily life, I get better faster when I’m with them.

▶(JENNIE) The other members are always like family and friends, as we have been together from the days of training. One thing I have newly realized after debut was that every member supports one another with different appeals. We are now inseparable.

▶(ROSÉ) I rely on the other members so much. From the days of our training, the four of us have been always together, so I feel like the four of us are one.

▶(LISA) I feel empty when I’m not with the other members. Notably, all the members become silent when JISOO is not present, haha. The four of us are inseparable now.

– Head producer YANG HYUN SUK of your label YG is famous for being strict when it comes to music. Have you ever been praised by him?

▶(JISOO) He once sent us a message that went “my personal No.1 priority is always you”, after the end of a TV music show in which we performed. I was really surprised and grateful, as he seldom praises artists generally, haha.

▶(JENNIE) I think Mr. YANG raises us strictly. Unlike my image, I sometime feel hurt by every word of his, haha. One thing surprised me after our debut was his message that went “Always do your best, you’re always my No.1 priority”. I felt so much reassured when he said so. More recently, he praised us that we did a good performance. I was surprise to hear him saying “You’re good these days”.

▶(ROSÉ) He is like a father. He takes extra care of me, as I came to Korea from a foreign country when I was still very young.

▶(LISA) When I was taking part in trainee evaluation in the past, Mr. YANG just simply said, “Good job” when I did okay, and just those two words made me really happy. He is always like a father. As I’m from a foreign country, too, he always asks me “How’s your parents?” when he sees me.