WINNER’s KIM JINWOO revealed an episode that happened between him and Head of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyunsuk.

MBC Radio Star aired on 9th invited guests matching the episode’s theme, ‘The vibe that comes of experience’, and Kim Jong-gum and Kim Jungnam of Turbo, Hwang Chansung of 2PM, and KIM JINWOO of WINNER made appearance as guests, and Kangnam joined as a special MC (host).

KIM JINWOO explained that he was in YGE as a trainee for the longest time compared to other trainees, saying, “I was a trainee for 5 years. I was a hard-working type.”

KIM JINWOO continued to recall, “I practiced and worked hard till the death of me, but President YHS told me, ‘there’s no use is working hard. You need to do well. What matters is good result.”.

KIM JINWOO then said, “It’s such a miserable thing to hear for someone who’s been working hard” and revealed his small revenge, “So, once I wrote YHS’s name on death note”, making everyone laugh.

Article: Sports Hanguk | Translation: @knkslp1025