Five Days Before His Comeback, TAEYANG Reveals a Teaser of His Album’s Sub-Title Song “Wake me up”, Which Shows the Best of His Vocal Skills


TAEYANG will be making a comeback in five days, and today, he revealed the name of the sub-title track of his new album. The title is “Wake me up”.

On August 11, YG Entertainment posted a teaser image of “Wake me up”, the sub-title track of his new album “WHITE NIGHT”, on its official blog.

TAEYANG is to release his first solo album after a long break that lasted three years and two months. On August 16, he will be releasing his solo album and the music videos of the “Darling” and “Wake me up”, the title and sub-title tracks of his new album.

In the teaser image that was revealed today, TAEYANG ins wearing a red jacket and showing his back to the camera against the background of a blue sky. He has his head down, making fans wonder what his posture means.

KUSH and Joe Rhee of The Black Label wrote the lyrics of “Wake me up”, and its music is made by KUSH, Joe Rhee and R.TEE. TAEYANG has been working mostly with TEDDY so far, and now he has expanded the scope of his collaboration to include the producers of The Black Label. Thanks to this new collaboration, his new album is expected to show a whole new spectrum of music.

TAEYANG commented, “It is a song that could show my new vocal style to the maximum. I liked everything about it, from its concept to the end product. It is a song about a man who doesn’t want to be woken up from the love with his lover.”

TAEYANG has experimented a lot through this album, and the album will show a side of TAEYANG that he never showed before and the best of his vocal skills.

Earlier on, the intro of the music video of “Darling” was revealed. Now that the name of the sub-title track has been announced, fans won’t have to wait for long until they can listen to TAEYANG’s new solo album. Expectations are running high for TAEYANG’s new solo album, and fans are dying to see how much he has grown and changed as a solo singer during his long break.

TAEYANG’s new album “WHITE NIGHT” will be released on August 16.