Bobby at the center of attention from Billboard & Rolling Stone, “Unequaled figure in K-Pop hip hop”


Bobby is gaining attention from Billboard, Rolling Stone, and other major foreign press since he released his first solo album.

In the afternoon of the 5th (local time), Billboard U.S. interviewed Bobby, focusing on his first solo album, Love and Fall, that he worked on over 2 years before release.

“While fans might have been surprised at the news that Bobby made his solo debut, Bobby has been waiting for his moment to prove himself a fully rounded creator,” reflected Billboard.

Giving his thoughts on the album release, Bobby reflected, “I wanted to be recognized as a musician rather than a rapper and as an artist rather than a musician. I tried to show how much better I got rather than how good I am.”

Billboard also disclosed behind-the-scenes stories for all 10 of the songs Bobby wrote and composed entirely.

“In the double title track, I Love You, I wanted to express that it is not easy for love to win over time and that the only thing that remains after romance dies out from love is the feeling of attachment,” said Bobby, adding, “In Runaway, I wanted to gain empathy from those—probably everyone—who dream of breaking away from their routine life at least once,” with reference on how to appreciate his songs.

On the same day, Rolling Stone India also made public its interview with Bobby, showing his far-reaching effect that is spreading beyond Korea and across the world.

Rolling Stone India commented favorably towards Bobby. “Since he appeared on the hip hop scene of K-Pop at a young age, he became an unequaled figure. After his victory in the finals of Show Me The Money 3 in 2014, he made his official debut as a member of the group iKON, and his opportunities for growth were endless.”

“I wanted this album to be refined and wanted to assimilate various genres,” emphasized Bobby.

Ranking top in 22 iTunes countries overseas immediately after his album release, Bobby conveyed his aspiration. “I was very pleased when I heard that my music went beyond language barriers. I will continue to do my best.”

Bobby will be releasing his first solo album, Love and Fall, in Japan on November 29. Meanwhile, iKON, the group to which Bobby belongs, is also gearing up preparations for its comeback. In particular, the group is planning to be very active domestically, such as through JTBC’s Idol Field Trip (working title), a new entertainment program scheduled for broadcast from early November.