YG Entertainment head YANG HYUN SUK has revealed scenes of iKON shooting JTBC’s new variety show “Idol Field Trip”.

On September 30, YANG HYUN SUK posted a picture on his Instagram page and hastagged it with ” “#iKON #the last day of field trip to Jeju Island #made by YG #Jung Hyung Don’s in the bathroom #thank you Jung Hyung Don, Jo Se Ho, and Kim Shin Young #will air in early November #best ever songs for their comeback #coming soon #YG”.

In the picture, iKON is posing with the beautiful scenery of Jeju Island in the background. You can easily guess how fun the shooting was from their excited and happy faces.

“Idol Field Trip” is JTBC’s new variety show that will air from early November. Hyung Don, Jo Se Ho, and Sayuri will be on the cast. The show is made by YG Entertainment and will air on the JTBC channel.

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