“You manipulated the media for 4 years saying that BLACKPINK will debut so we’ll now have to wait for 4 years. It’s been one year and a bit since BLACKPINK’s debut and you only gave 5 songs and didn’t even let them promote actively so why are you releasing another girl group kkkkk” (+986 -35)

“This is the most important time for BLACKPINK whether they’ll go to the top or not but you’re making another girl group instead of going all-in on BLACKPINK?” (+743 -30)

“Then they’ll debut around 202223. When YG says they’ll launch, it takes an average of over 3 years, (+493 -23)

“Isn’t BLACKPINK’s popularity kind of vague yet?” (+409 -22)

“What about BLACKPINK…Didn’t BLACKPINK debut in Summer last year?” (+325 -151)

“You barely saved WINNER, iKON is falling down and it’s only been a year since BLACKPINK’s this their strategy because BIGBANG is going to army?” (+107 -7)

“Realistically, it’s because BLACKPINK doesn’t have much profit from promotions and compared to 2NE1’s debut, their fandom, popularity, songs are relatively weak.” (+49 -7)

“I heard that BLACKPINK still didn’t even release an album yet kk They received a Best New Artist Award and are they now being neglected?” (+38 -7)

“I think YG’s expectations are set for BIGBANG or 2NE1. So if it doesn’t meet the expectations, they just reduce their promotions and launch the next new group, (+22 -3)

“If someone else sees this, it’s like as if WINNER and BLACKPINK are at the level of BIGBANG and 2NE1. You should’ve at least promoted them as much and debuted. Honestly, compared to EXO, BTS or TWICE, RED VELVET, the support and popularity is relatively behind so aren’t you raising them too strong?” (+12)

Translation: Sally Kang (@KIMJ1WON) | Source: Naver article

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