CL revealed everything related to her ex-group activities before her entry into the U.S. market.

CL, who used to be a member of 2NE1 and group BIGBANG made appearance on the latest episode of tvN ‘Day Job’s a Singer – Livin’ the Double Life’, which aired on November 30,.

CL revealed her know-hows on makeup. She stated, “I appreciate my makeup. It’s a process of change from Chaerin to CL. Makeup is really fun. I used to be insecure about my small eyes, but after years of research, I found a way to make my eyes look bigger without a plastic surgery.

She made her eyes look bigger by gluing two eyelashes, and completed her look with a thick eyeline. She stated, “I can finish my makeup in 30 minutes”, displaying her proficiency in makeup.

Later, she arrived in a luxury housing area in Beverly Hills. Scooter Braun, the manager who discovered major artists in the States, was waiting for her. CL stated, “I left everything to come here. I will solely focus on working in the States”. Scooter Braun asked if she was “resigning from 2NE1”.

CL carefully replied, “Our group broke up”. She continued, “I have a strange sense of responsibility. As I became the leader at a young age, I wanted to take it till the end. I wanted to take responsibility”. She burst into tears as she added, “I hope the members are healthy and happy. I cheer for them. They’re working hard. The members loved to perform and sing, so I hope they receive a lot of opportunities”.

CL also revealed the fact that 2NE1’s last song ‘GOODBYE’ was written for Gong Minzy. She revealed her inner thoughts by stating, “I wrote the lyrics in 10 minutes. It was something I wanted to tell Minzy. Many thoughts occurred to me, ‘how hard would it be’ for her. I support her and wish her the best. As she decided to go on her solo act, I hope she does it well. I want her to show the people what she is capable of doing”.

The second member of ‘Double Life’ was BIGBANG’s TAEYANG. TAEYANG revealed that his favorite artist is Yoo Jae-ha, and revealed the fact that he wants to “comfort people with genuine and pure music”. He later head out to meet members of BIGBANG for the concert rehearsal, fluttered to meet them in a long while.

TAEYANG, DAESUNG, and SEUNGRI started talking about the military service. When DAESUNG revealed that he’s planning to join next year, TAEYANG offered to enlist together, responding “Let’s set a date”. SEUNGRI mentioned his successful Japanese ramen business while stating, “12 people in YG asked about the business already”, making the viewers laugh.

The members of BIGBANG then moved on to the rehearsal. As it was the first concert without all 5 members, BIGBANG put the utmost care while planning the setlist. They discussed with each other, “Won’t the fans be frustrated if we leave too much (T.O.P’s parts). Let’s leave some ballad. Fans would want that as well”.