Viewers Surprised by BANG YE DAM’s Perfect Reinterpretation in ‘Stray Kids’…” A Beautiful Vocal Tone”


[Sports Chosun – Nov 29, 2017] BANG YE DAM in caught the viewer’s attention.

On the latest episode of Mnet’s , which aired on November 28, trainees of YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment battled each other.

Trainees of YG, including BANG YE DAM, displayed an amazing performance of a song by the group Wonder Girls.

YG’s trainees showed plentiful arrangement by adding electronic sources to the original top melody-line.

They also displayed an unmatched vocal tone and a trendy singing style, adding fun to the song.

On the dance battle followed up by the vocal battle, trainees of YG displayed a fancy stage manner through their sharp group dance with perfect teamwork.

Park Jin Young stated to BANG YE DAM, “Your moves are accurate but yet too hard”, but continued by praising him, “Still, you improved a lot”.